God Frustrates The Devices Of The Crafty

Topic: God Frustrates The Devices Of The Crafty

Text: Job 5:6 – 16

Crafty means using or involving cunning or trickery to deceive other people. What our topic for the day connotes is that no matter how much art and subtlety wicked men may lay their plots and ill designs, God does disappoints and baffles them, making them vain and of no effect. He exposes their designs in various ways and shows that He is the friend of the sincere and the honest; showing that He is worthy confidant of the His people. The hands of the enemy around your life will not carry out their plans because God will show up with His finger on your behalf (Exodus 8:19).

Eliphaz, Job’s friend had seen instances where the plans of the crafty, designing and artful people had been defeated, and where the straightforward had prospered and honoured. Thus he asserts it here in our text. Such cases led him to believe that God is the friend of virtuous and worthy to confide in. God works for the good of those who trust and obey Him and counter working the plots of the wicked.

You may have been asking when God will frustrate the plans of the enemies against your life. God is not asleep. He waits for His appointed time to act. The devices of the wicked men shall luckily meet with disappointment, just at the very time when they are ripe and ready for execution. It is not appropriate to ask God how He will frustrate the enemies; He knows best when to do it. Rather, we should trust Him to do it at His own time. It is my prayer that God will frustrate the plans of your enemies in Jesus name.

Food for Thought: Isaiah 8:10

Memory verse: Job 5:12

Prayer: Lord, frustrate every plan of the enemies against my life, my family and your church, in Jesus name.


They Will Be A Separation


Devotion for Wednesday June 14, 2017

Topic: They Will Be A Separation

Text: Malachi 3:13 – 18

When God avenges for us, the world will certainly echo Ps. 58:11. We know what happened to Peter when he was imprisoned and also Paul and Silas. Many people today are disillusioned concerning the fate of the righteous by concluding that there is no hope for them as it was in the days of Malachi. They see the life of the righteous as filled with hardship and want. However, it is not so.

Here, Malachi assures that a time is coming when God will make the difference between the righteous and the wicked which the world will see. The use of return means coming back from their delusion, and to see in reality that God does make a difference between the righteous and the wicked. For now it may seem as if God has not put any difference between the righteous and the wicked, as the wicked seem to have their way now. Certainly, He will one day make an everlasting separation between them, such as all beings in heaven and hell shall well understand. The reason for this is in Matt. 13:24 – 30. Then the unrighteous will clearly see the happiness of the righteous, and their own misery, how they will perish in their wickedness.  Where will you belong? The way you live now will determine where you will be after the separation.

Food for Thought: Do you look down on God and His religion? Return from your delusion before it will be too late.

Memory verse: Malachi 3 verse 18

Prayer: Lord, when you make the difference, grant that I will not be among the wicked. Help me to live righteously in Jesus name.