Holy Spirit Reorders Our Prayers

Devotion for Thursday October 26, 2017

Topic: Holy Spirit Reorders Our Prayers

Text: Romans 8:26 – 28

Holy Spirit is indispensable in the Christian life we live. A Christian life demand living in Spirit and it is obvious that man in the flesh cannot live well and please God if the spirit does not take over such life. Here in our text, Apostle Paul explains some of the things the Holy Spirit does for us in bearing our weaknesses.

1) By giving us strength to bear them

2) By exciting us to make efforts to overcome them

3) By ministering to us consolations, and truths, and views out our Christian privileges that enable us to endure our trials.

The reasons we do not know what to pray for may be for the following reasons:

1) That we do know what would really be the best for us.

2) We do not know want God will grant to us according to His will

3) We are, to a great extent ignorant of the character of God, the reason of His dealings with us and our real wants.

4) We are often in real, deep perplexity. We are encompassed with trials, exposed to temptations, feeble to diseases, and subject to calamities. These, put us in despair and changes our focus.

Do you have the Holy Spirit in your life? When we allow Holy Spirit to have full control over our lives, then we can pray well and get what we need. Allow Him into your life so He can reorder your priorities and needs.

Food for Thought: James 4:3

Memory verse: Romans 8:26

Prayer: Lord, fill me with the Holy Spirit so He can do the impossible in my life and reorder my request always so I can gain your approval in Jesus name.


The Vulnerability Of Man

Devotion for Sunday August 13, 2017

Topic: The Vulnerability Of Man

Text: Matthew 16:21 – 23

In our bible reading yesterday, we read how Jesus Christ praised Peter for a divine inspiration expressed when he answered His question. In today’s bible reading, Peter in his impetus and impulsive manner came up again but this time, it was no praise for him but rebuke. This shows the vulnerability of man. We do similar things at times by acting according to our emotions which result to problems. When God insprires us to act or react, it can never result to problem. The word Satan means literally, an adversary, or one that opposes us in the accomplishment of our designs, dreams or goals. It is applied to the devil because he opposes us as our adversary (1 Peter 5:8). There is no evidence that the Lord Jesus applied this term to Peter, as signifying that he was Satan or that he used the term in anger. Rather, He meant that Peter was trying to hinder the redemption of mankind by giving Jesus the advice that opposes his mission on earth. We should note that Satan uses our closest allies, family members or best friends to tempt us. When they give us such advice, we should be careful or they will make us to lose our salvation. Jesus accused Peter of not being mindful of the things of God, but the things of men. Beloved in Christ, are you vulnerable beyond control? Are you only mindful about the things of the flesh that you undermine the things of the spirit? Ask God to help you overcome your vulnerability.

Food for Thought: “You cannot run away from your weakness; you must sometimes fight it out or you perish” – Robert Louis Stevenson

Memory verse: Matthew 16:23

Prayer: Lord God, help e to deal with my weaknesses before they deny me entry into heaven in Jesus name. Amen.

Retreat For Progress


Devotion for Sunday March 19, 2017

Topic: Retreat For Progress

Text: Mark 1:35                   

Severally, Jesus went out alone to pray in the wilderness. It was a time of personal reflection for Him. He uses the period to assess what He did earlier and make a project on ways to improve. He was always in constant prayer with the Father during His earthly ministry. Mark recorded three of these times of prayer: (1) after the successful ministry in Capernaum with the healing of many sick and demon-possessed people; (2) after the miracle of feeding more than five thousand people (Mark 6:46); (3) in Gethsemane, just prior to His arrest, trial, and crucifixion (Mark 14:32-42).

What did Jesus pray about? His prayers may have focused on fulfilling His mission. Fame, being a celebrity or an icon is a temptation in itself, for it can threaten us to turn away from our mission. This may be what Jesus tried to forestall by taking time to retreat. This helped Him to focus on His task and gain strength for that. He had a mission to fulfil which was death on the cross to accomplish salvation.

If we want to make progress in our spiritual lives, we must as a matter of priority set out times for retreat. It may be as you go for a walk, your personal quiet time, or anywhere you choose. This will help you to assess the way you lived in the previous day (if you hold your retreat in the morning) and ways to live as you go forth into the world that day. As you do that you will observe your faults, your strength and your weakness. This will help you to avoid some previous mistakes and to make substantial progress in your endeavours and in your spiritual life.

Action: Make plans for a regular personal retreat and work conscientiously with your plan. Look for the book RETREAT FOR SPIRITUAL PROGRESS by Zachariah Fomum. It will help you a lot.

Memory verse: Mark 1 verse 35

Prayer: Grant me the grace, O Lord, to always make our time to have personal fellowship with you in a bid to make spiritual progress.

Strength Perfected In Weakness

This devotion teaches that God can use us to accomplish any purpose not minding our physical weakness


Devotion for Monday February 27, 2017          

Topic: Strength Perfected In Weakness                

Text: 2 Corinthians 12:1 – 10

This bible passage shows that God can use us not minding our weaknesses. I have read of so many servants of God that died of one ailment or another. One of such men greatly used by God died few days ago, prompting me to wonder about the ways of God which is very much different from our ways. Some of the servants of God healed so many people with similar ailment that took their lives but they were never healed.

With all the exploits of Paul in the missionary works, who would have believed he did them with a burden of illness. When he even sought for healing, God told him that His grace is sufficient for him. Using weaknesses or ailment as an excuse in not serving God is not acceptable to Him. The grace was to enable Paul to bear the infirmities with patience. Christ’s gracious favour is what empowered Paul’s ministry, despite his own inadequacies and failures.

Although His request was not granted, Jesus assured him that he would continue to work through him in his weakness. Paul accepted that Jesus, in His divine wisdom, knew what was best for him. Paul would not boast in being healed, but he would boast about his weaknesses, for it was through his weaknesses that Christ could powerfully work through him.

One great lesson here for us is that God is the one who decides what we become in life and the best way to use us. Brethren, we should not be moved by our weaknesses, our not having job, infirmities, no child, no spouse, etc, as excuses because God can still use us even when we have our problems. He asked Abraham to pray for Abimelech to have a child when he had not gotten a child of his own. He did as God commanded him and God answered that prayer (Genesis 20:14–18). His grace is sufficient for us; let us keep trusting Him to use us as He wishes.

Food for Thought: 2 Corinthians 11:30

Memory verse: 2 Corinthians 12 verse 9b – Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.

Prayer: Lord God, grant that my boosting will only be on my infirmities for by your grace I am what I am today in Jesus name. Amen