They Tested Him

Devotion for Thursday August 10, 2017

Topic: They Tested Him

Text: Matthew 16:1 – 4

The sect of Pharisees and Sadducees were opposed to each other in principles and in conduct; yet they joined forces against Christ. They had to put aside all their differences because they wanted to test Jesus. This is how funny the devil and his agents can be. They desired a sign of their own choice, despising the signs of healing the sick, and those that brought succour and comfort to the less privileged (Luke 4:18 & 19). They sought for something else to satisfy their curiosity by feigning a desire for evidence that Jesus was the Messiah, but their real desire was to see Jesus make the attempt to work miracle and fail, that they might betray and ruin Him. It is hypocrisy, when we slight the signs of what God have ordained by seeking for signs of our own devise. However, Jesus knowing their persons countered them (Matthew 16:2 – 4).

Many people by their thought and actions are testing God. Many are still in the church on the condition that God will have to answer them and if He doesn’t answer them at a particular time, they will stop serving Him. Some have given God conditions that if He does not do what they desire, they will drop their bibles and stop going to church. Some test God by getting involved in things that got them entangled and thereafter, they started crying, “God why?’ Beloved, do you test God? Israelites tested Him and paid dearly for it (Psalm 95:9 – 11; Numbers 14:1 – 24). Don’t try it again.

Food for Thought: 1 Corinthians 10:9

Memory verse: Matthew 16:1

Prayer: O Lord and my God, grant me the grace that I will not tempt by my words and actions which I will thereafter pay dearly for them.


Price of Godliness (Imprisonment 2)


Devotion for Friday March 31, 2017                

Topic: Price of Godliness (Imprisonment 2)

Text: Act 4:1 – 4

When you have a message from God and preach it raw as received, there is every tendency it will hurt some people and puncture their ego. I have incurred the wrath of many people because of my messages. I thank God that so far, they have not arrested or sent me to prison. The Sadducees don’t believe in resurrection and for the disciples to be preaching that Jesus resurrected was not acceptable to them. They instigated the arrest of the Peter and John.

These men (Apostles Peter and John) had spoken to the people during the afternoon prayer time. The Sadducees moved in quickly to investigate. They were understandably disturbed with what the Apostles were saying because they were refuting one of their fundamental beliefs and thus threatening their authority as religious teachers. Because of their unlimited power over the Temple grounds, they were able to arrest Peter and John for no other reason than teaching what contradicts their beliefs.

Preaching the gospel can offend some people because of their tie with the devil and it can even lead to imprisonment. Though it is not always that preaching can lead to problem but we run risks in trying to win others to Christ. The risks may include attack of the enemies of the cross, rejection, persecution, imprisonment, denial of rights and privileges. Whatever risk we may face, we should note that people of God in the past suffered same and we should be willing to suffer for the sake of Christ. Whatever the risks, realize that nothing done for God is ever wasted. You will surely receive your reward.

Food for Thought: You can bind and imprison a preacher but you cannot bind or imprison his message.

Memory verse: Acts 4 verse 3

Prayer: Lord, grant utterance to your people to enable them preach no matter the risk and consequences in Jesus name. Amen.