Are You Hoarding God’s Blessings?

Devotion for Thursday August 3, 2017

Topic: Are You Hoarding God’s Blessings?

Text: Luke 12:13 – 14

Jesus while teaching on greed gave a parable about this man. The Greek word for greed literally means the thirst for having more. Working to provide for you family’s need is not covetousness. However, while we work for our needs, we must be rich towards God by seeking first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. Little did the poor fool (though materially rich) in our text, so wise in matters of earthly business, suspect that the awful doom was close to him. He forgot what Solomon said, “Do not boast about tomorrow” (Proverbs 27:1).

Jesus used this parable to teach the dangers in greed and covetousness. This farmer saw his wealth as an opportunity to please himself. He had no thought of others or of God. There’s certainly nothing wrong in following good business principles, or even with saving for the future (1 Timothy 5:8). This man had a false perception or view of life and death. He thought that life comes from accumulating things and death was far away.

On March 11, 1856, Henry David Thoreau wrote in his journal, “That man is the richest whose pleasures are cheapest.” He also said, “A man is rich in proportion to the number of things which he can afford to let alone.” Being wealthy is not sin rather making wealth your god (Colossians 3:5). The man lived without God and died without God and his wealth was but incident in his life. What about you? How do treat God’s blessings upon your life; Are you hoarding it for you and your posterity  or you are using it to please yourself or to please God? Beware!

Food for Thought: Wealth and pride are enemies of salvation

Memory verse: Luke 12:19

Prayer: O God, make me rich towards you by seeking seeking first your kingdom and His righteous in Jesus name.



Devotion for Wednesday May 24, 2017

Topic: The Rich Man And Lazarus

Text: Luke 16:19 – 31

There are so many inspiring lessons for us in this story. One mistake people make in life is to think that money is everything. It is not so. Again, wealth is not a perimeter to judge God’s blessings and favour. The Pharisees considered wealth to be a proof of a person’s righteousness but Jesus shocked them with this story in which a diseased beggar was rewarded and a rich man was punished. The rich man did not go to hell because of his wealth but because he was selfish, refusing to feed Lazarus, take him in, or care for him. The rich man was hard-hearted in spite of his great blessings.

The amount of money we have is not as important as the way we use it. What is your attitude toward your money and possessions? Do you hoard them selfishly, or do you use them to help others? There is something worth noting in Luke 16:22. Lazarus died and was carried by angels to Abraham’s bosom while the rich man was buried. This shows that no amount of burial changes the final destination of man.

What determines our final destination is the way we live when we are alive. Therefore beware of the way you live and use your wealth. The rich man thought that his five brothers would surely believe a messenger who had been raised from the dead. But Abraham asserted that if they did not believe Moses and the prophets, who spoke constantly of caring for the poor, not even a resurrection would convince them. Are you like this rich man? Don’t wait for the messenger from the dead. Repent now and accept Jesus as your Saviour.

Food for Thought: What is your attitude towards your money and possessions?

Memory verse: Luke 16 verse 22

Prayer: Lord God, help me to accept your message of salvation now and not to wait for a message or messenger from the dead in Jesus name.

Beware Of The Crowd


Devotion for Saturday March 4, 2017

Topic: Beware Of The Crowd

Text: Exodus 23:1 – 3

Heavenly race is a singular race. It is never done a race of multitude. This is the reason Jesus said that the road that leads to heaven is strait and narrow. The Hebrew word “mybr rabbim, is translated multitude (crowd). It signifies the great, chiefs, or mighty one. Some scholars see the usage in our text as meaning the rich.

Perversion of justice is often in favour of the rich. For this reason, Moses warns Israelites against twisting justice. It should be impartial. The rich and poor should be treated in the same way and with the same yardstick. When we give special privileges to either rich or poor, it makes justice for all and sundry more doubtful. Let the fairness God shows to each of us guide your judgment.

Most times the crowd (the multitude or the rich) pressurizes on us to pervert justice or do the opposite of what God demands from us. This makes some greedy judges to become easily vulnerable to their trap. Sometimes, there are pressures from the crowd to sway our decision about a person or any case we are handling. This has become more worrisome with the advent of social media and Pentecostalism.

In all these challenges from the crowd, we must inquire from God what we ought to do, not what most people do or want us to do. This is so because we must be judged by our Master, not our fellow servants. Ending up in hell because of the crowd will be the most miserable thing that can happen to us. It is my prayer that ending up in hell will never be our portion in Jesus name.

Food for Thought: Proverbs 1:10 – 16

Memory verse: Exodus 23 verse 2 – You shall not fall in with the many to do evil, nor shall you bear witness in a lawsuit, siding with the many, so as to pervert justice (ESV).

Prayer: God, grant me the wisdom to always inquire from you what I ought to do and not what most people do or want in Jesus name.


This devotion teaches that there is always the tendency to bring into the church luxury, pride, vain show, and indifference to God’s service, with all the gross sins that naturally follow in their train.


Topic: ARE YOU AT EASE?                

Text: Amos 6:1 – 7

In the book Revelation, one problem with the church at Laodicea was lukewarm. They were neither cold nor hot. What led them into being lukewarm was the wealth they enjoyed (Revelation 3:17). This made God to rebuke them (Revelation 3:19), warning them to repent (See full story in Revelation 3:14 – 22). That story is very similar to our text for the day. Our bible reading centres on dangers of luxury and false security.

Usually, times of continued worldly prosperity and alliance with political leadership are full of danger to the cause of Christianity. There is always the tendency to bring into the church luxury, pride, vain show, and indifference to God’s service, with all the gross sins that naturally follow in their train. Thus the professors of godliness dishonour Christ before the world, lose their power over men’s consciences, and make it necessary that God should purify His church by His judgments.” This was the reason why Amos denounced those that are at ease in Zion. The people in question are men and women who have so much confidence in their wealth and their connections. This attitude is dangerous and God condemns it whole and entire (see Psalm 146:3 & Isaiah 31:3).

It was on this basis that Family Bible Notes admonished that “The numerous examples on record of great and often very sudden changes from a state of ease and comfort to one of deep affliction, ought to be a solemn warning to us of the present day not to abuse the great prosperity which God is bestowing upon us, lest He cause our sun also to go down at noon, and darken our land in the clear day, as he did with ancient Israel (Amos 8:9).” Do you trust your riches and now complacent on the things of God? Do you belong to the group that feels all is well because you have money and can get whatever you want at beck and call? Know that God is the owner of whatever you have and He is the only one that can connect us and not man. Trust God and not your riches for wealth are deceptive.

Food for Thought: Do you abuse the great prosperity God has bestowed on you?

Memory verse: Amos 6 verse 1

Prayer: God, remove every spirit of complacency in me in respect of serving you and help me not to be at ease because of my wealth in Jesus name.