The Alpha And Omega

Devotion for Saturday November 25, 2017

Topic: The Alpha And Omega

Text: Revelation 1:8

Alpha and Omega are the first and the last letters of Greek alphabets. By applying them to Himself, Christ had shown us that He is the cause and end of all things. In Revelation 1:11, similar application was made to God the Father, thus confirming the Trinity and what Jesus said that by Him everything that is made was made. This saying of Jesus has some inspirations for us as Christians. Jesus being the Alpha and Omega which is the beginning and the end means that He is aware of everything about us. He made us and everything about us is known to Him. As the Alpha and Omega, God is in control of the affairs of this world and this is the greatest assurance we have. He also knows what our end will be. This is a kind of reassurance for us that God knows when the problems confronting us will end. The second part of our text is a description of Christ as Jehovah; self-existing, unchangeable, and eternal. The truth here is that as God who called us is self-existing, He is also able to meet our needs. No matter the kind of boasting of our enemies and the rage they vent on God’s people, even in the interim, God remains the Author and Creator of all things. Whatsoever He proposes, declares, and promises surely must stand. As He is the end, He shall bring all the things which are revealed to a complete and glorious conclusion. What has God revealed to you? Just believe Him because in due time, it will come to a glorious conclusion (Philippians 1:6).

Food for Thought: As the Alpha and Omega, God is in control of the affairs of this world and this is the greatest assurance we have.

Memory verse: Isaiah 44:6

Prayer: Lord Jesus, you know everything about me as the Alpha and Omega, bring every promise concerning me to a glorious conclusion in Jesus name. Amen.


He Keeps To His Words

Devotion for Wednesday August 9, 2017

Topic: He Keeps To His Words

Text: Joshua 21:45

The words of Solomon in 1 Kings 8:56 confirm our topic for the today. God has never spoken and failed to do what He said. Joshua subscribed to the fact that all God said concerning possessing the Promised Land by Israel came to pass. The inviolable truth of God’s promise and its fulfillment is what Christians should look up to even when it delays in coming to pass. If in anything, it has seemed to come short, we should be ready to take all the blame to ourselves. God does not speak always but when He utters a word, He abides by it.

What are His promises you have laid hold on and they have not come to pass? What are you currently passing through that has almost consumed you and you have started to doubt the promises of God and their fulfillment in your life? Joshua testified that all God promised him and Israel came to pass. Solomon did same. All the promises He made to Paul also came to pass. I am assuring you, the user of this devotional today that God’s promises about your life and future will be fulfilled. Congratulations in advance. All will come to pass in your life in Jesus name. Just keep trusting and waiting for at the right time, it will be fulfilled.

Food for Thought: “He who is the slowest in making a promise is the most faithful in the performance of it” – Jean Jacques Rousseau

Memory verse: Joshua 21:45

Prayer: God, bring all your promises for me and my family to fulfillment in Jesus name. Amen.

He Is Abundantly Able


Devotion for Monday June 5, 2017

Topic: He Is Abundantly Able

Text: Romans 4:21

“God is able, abundantly able to deliver and to save those who trust in Him,” so says a song writer. God is able to perform what He has said. He fulfilled the promises He made in the scriptures. Where He did not fulfil it, may be the person to receive it compromised or failed on his part as in the case of Eli (1 Sam. 2:30). As we read yesterday, Abraham didn’t waver because of his strong belief that God is able to fulfil His promises (Romans 4:21). He was firmly persuaded of God’s ability to fulfil His promises. Do you easily shake when you come to the curves of life? Abraham was certain that God not only could, but would do what He promised. We should know that this was not the only time Abraham clearly showed this kind of confidence in God. His faith was equally implicit and strong when God commanded him to go and sacrifice his promised son (Hebrews 11:19). Beloved of Christ, God is able to perform what He promised (Luke 1:37). What is that He cannot do? What you can achieve depends on what you believe. Do you actually believe God for what you are asking from Him? You should be fully persuaded that God is able to do it. It may have taken a lot of time but it is never late with God. You should live by believing in God and not by debating or arguing about His ability because with Him, all things are possible. Debating whether God can do it or not is a mark of unbelief. Just trust God for He would do it for you (Ps 4:5; 9:10 and 25:2).

Food for Thought: All we have seen, read and heard are enough to persuade us that God can do that which we ask of Him.

Memory verse: Romans 4 verse 21

Prayer: God, grant me an implicit faith to trust you for all my needs.

Antidote to Worry (4) – Self Satisfaction/Contentment

Contentment is a godly virtue needed to overcome worries. This is the message in this devotion.

My Daily Covenant with God Devotional

Devotion for Sunday January 8, 2017           

Topic: Antidote to Worry (4) – Self Satisfaction/Contentment

Text: Philippians 4:10 – 12

Today we are studying the last of the antidotes for worry. The fourth antidote to worry is self-satisfaction or contentment. Contentment means satisfaction. Contented means quietly happy and satisfied with the ways things are or have been done. A worldly life is never at ease when things are not happening the way we wanted it. Such life will be filled with anxiety which may result to depression. You can easily notice that there is something wrong somewhere. Such is not the case of a true Christian.

As a Christian, are you able to get along happily (be content) in any circumstances you face? Do you wear anger, bitter, want, hunger, etc, when you come out in the public? Are there times when you get easily frustrated that thing are not working out well for you? Such is not the way a Christian should behave. We know that this world is not our home. When we don’t get what we actually wanted, it shouldn’t lead to worry because we will certainly leave them here on earth and return to God our maker.

According to our text, it is not so with Apostle Paul. He knew how to be content whether he had plenty or whether he was in need. The secret was drawing on Christ’s power for strength. A contented mind is an invaluable blessing, and is one of the virtues we should develop as Christians. It arises from the belief that God is right in all His ways. Why should we be impatient, restless or discontented? Do you have great needs, or are you discontented because you don’t have what you want? Learn to rely on God’s promises and Christ’s power to help you to be contented with what God gives you. If you always want more, ask God to remove that desire and teach you contentment in every circumstance. He will supply all your needs, but in a way that He knows is the best for you.

Food for Thought: Hebrew 13:5 – Keep your life free from love of money, and be content with what you have, for he has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you” (ESV)

Memory verse: Philippians 4 verse 11

Prayer: Almighty God, grant me the spirit of contentment with all you provide for me in Jesus name. Amen.

Antidote to Worry (2)

Proper understanding of our relationship with God goes a long way in determining the level of benefit we receive from our covenant relationship with Him.

My Daily Covenant (2017 Edition) Devotion for Friday January 6, 2017                  

Topic: Antidote to Worry (2)

Text: Psalm 23:1 – 6           

Yesterday, we started series of teaching on antidote to worry. It will last till Sunday. If you missed yesterday’s devotion, look for it and read. It will help you so much.

This antidote to worry in our text is proper understanding of our relationship with God and the tenets of His covenant with us. What God means to you will determine the kind of benefit you will receive from Him. Such understanding is a great advantage in reaping from His promises and blessings just as David expressed in this Psalm 23.

In describing God as his Shepherd, David wrote this out of his personal experience because he spent his early years caring for sheep (1 Samuel 16:10–11). Sheep are completely dependent on the shepherd for provision, guidance, care and protection. Sheep doesn’t doubt the competence and ability of the shepherd. It subjects itself to the command and authority of the shepherd. It is not disturbed or perturbed by threat of the enemies around.

In Gen 17:1, God introduced Himself as Almighty God, meaning All-powerful; having supreme unquestionable power over everything. This introduction was necessary because Abraham needed to understand the God that called him. From that moment, his walk with God changed. Beloved, if you must avoid worries, then you should have God as your shepherd. You must know Him as the Almighty God with whom ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.

In John 10, Jesus said that He is the Good Shepherd. If we have proper understanding of the work of a shepherd, we will not stress ourselves with cares for worldly things because He knows all we need and will provide them at the appropriate time. At the start of the New Year like this, it is proper to have God speak to us just as He spoke to Abraham. That will help us to live our lives less of worries because we will come to understand that He is the Almighty, with whom all things are possible. Trust Him as you go out today to take care of all those cares and worries.

Food for Thought: Worry is an insult on God that He can’t fulfil His promises.

Memory verse: Psalm 23 verse 1 – The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want (English Standard Version).

Prayer: Lord God, help me to understand that you are the Almighty with whom all things are possible in Jesus name. Amen.

Antidote to Worry 1

In this devotion, Jesus gave us antidote to worry – GOD KNOWS THAT WE NEED THEM. Instead, we should seek the kingdom of God first and God will meet us at the points of our needs.

My Daily Covenant (2017 Edition) Devotion for Thursday January 5, 2017                  

Topic: Antidote to Worry 1

Text: Matthew 6:31 – 34     

As I was meditating on this topic, I got a question that I haven’t received an answer till now. Why is it that mad people don’t fall sick as normal people and they don’t receive treatment as we do in hospital yet some of them live longer than normal human being except they die by accident? One thing I have come to understand which may not necessarily be the answer is that mad people don’t live lives of worries. They take things one day at a time. They don’t care about what they eat or where they sleep.

Have you ever thought of a life without worry? Have you ever thought of seeing the promises of God fulfilled as we have them in the bible? Don’t think it is impossible because there is nothing too hard for God to do. Why then do we keep on worrying ourselves?

In our text, Jesus gave us antidote to worry – GOD KNOWS THAT WE NEED THEM. Instead, we should seek the kingdom of God first and God will meet us at the points of our needs. Unfortunately, most of the things we characterized as needs are wants and not needs. Because of the ill effects of worry, Jesus tells us not to worry about those needs that God promises to supply.

Worry can (1) damage your health, (2) disrupt your productivity or affect your productive organs, (3) negatively affect the way you treat others, (4) reduce your ability to trust in God (5) shorten our lives and (6) lead to other ailments like stroke, hypertension, etc. From the above, how many ill effects of worry are you experiencing? Here, is the difference between worry and genuine concern—worry immobilizes, but concern moves you to action. Anxiety springs from the desire that things should happen as we wish rather than as God wills. Are you anxious about what the year holds for you? Remember our devotion for yesterday – Trust God All Through. He will not fail you neither will He disappoint you as you hold on to His promises. Have a great day.

Action: Think of what to do so as to have your needs met and begin to act on them from today.

Memory verse: Matthew 6 verse 33 – But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. 

Prayer: Help me, O Lord to trust you to provide all I need on daily basis.

He Keeps Us On Our Way

This devotion has three promises of God for us as we start this New Year. Read through and find out these promises. Happy New Year

My Daily Covenant with God (2017 Edition) January 1, 2017                    

Topic: He Keeps Us On Our Way   

Text: Exodus 23:20 – 31         

Happy New Year and welcome to 2017! In today’s text is a promise directly from God that He will send His angel to guide His people, Israel through the wilderness to the Promised Land with a condition of obedience attached to it (Exodus 23:21 and 22). How possible would it have been for Israelites to walk through to the Promised Land without God guiding them? That would have been a mission impossible. But God who called them and initiated the movement knew the task ahead and decided to lead them through. They needed courage to continue the journey. God made three promises in 23:20; to send his Angel, to guide His people in the wilderness and to bring them into the Promised Land. These are the three promises God has for you as you start this year that He will send His Angel to go before you throughout the year, to guide and guard you and to bring you promises of good health, peace, progress and all the heavenly blessings. God has made these promises; the fulfilment depends on your ability to keep to the conditions attached to them. Just like He told Joshua, so He is telling you today to “Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Let this assurance from Josh. 1:9 be your courage this year and beyond.

Food for Thought: “The Lord is my Shepherd,” not was, not maybe, not will be. “The Lord is my Shepherd” – is on Sunday, is on Monday, and is through every day of the week; is in January, is in December, and every month of the year; is at home, and is in China; is in peace, and is in war; in abundance and in poverty – Taylor (PowerBible CD)

Memory verse: Exodus 23 verse 20 

Prayer: Pray for the year 2017 and ask for God’s grace, favour, peace and blessings in your life, family and career.