The Vulnerability Of Man

Devotion for Sunday August 13, 2017

Topic: The Vulnerability Of Man

Text: Matthew 16:21 – 23

In our bible reading yesterday, we read how Jesus Christ praised Peter for a divine inspiration expressed when he answered His question. In today’s bible reading, Peter in his impetus and impulsive manner came up again but this time, it was no praise for him but rebuke. This shows the vulnerability of man. We do similar things at times by acting according to our emotions which result to problems. When God insprires us to act or react, it can never result to problem. The word Satan means literally, an adversary, or one that opposes us in the accomplishment of our designs, dreams or goals. It is applied to the devil because he opposes us as our adversary (1 Peter 5:8). There is no evidence that the Lord Jesus applied this term to Peter, as signifying that he was Satan or that he used the term in anger. Rather, He meant that Peter was trying to hinder the redemption of mankind by giving Jesus the advice that opposes his mission on earth. We should note that Satan uses our closest allies, family members or best friends to tempt us. When they give us such advice, we should be careful or they will make us to lose our salvation. Jesus accused Peter of not being mindful of the things of God, but the things of men. Beloved in Christ, are you vulnerable beyond control? Are you only mindful about the things of the flesh that you undermine the things of the spirit? Ask God to help you overcome your vulnerability.

Food for Thought: “You cannot run away from your weakness; you must sometimes fight it out or you perish” – Robert Louis Stevenson

Memory verse: Matthew 16:23

Prayer: Lord God, help e to deal with my weaknesses before they deny me entry into heaven in Jesus name. Amen.



Devotion for Wednesday May 24, 2017

Topic: The Rich Man And Lazarus

Text: Luke 16:19 – 31

There are so many inspiring lessons for us in this story. One mistake people make in life is to think that money is everything. It is not so. Again, wealth is not a perimeter to judge God’s blessings and favour. The Pharisees considered wealth to be a proof of a person’s righteousness but Jesus shocked them with this story in which a diseased beggar was rewarded and a rich man was punished. The rich man did not go to hell because of his wealth but because he was selfish, refusing to feed Lazarus, take him in, or care for him. The rich man was hard-hearted in spite of his great blessings.

The amount of money we have is not as important as the way we use it. What is your attitude toward your money and possessions? Do you hoard them selfishly, or do you use them to help others? There is something worth noting in Luke 16:22. Lazarus died and was carried by angels to Abraham’s bosom while the rich man was buried. This shows that no amount of burial changes the final destination of man.

What determines our final destination is the way we live when we are alive. Therefore beware of the way you live and use your wealth. The rich man thought that his five brothers would surely believe a messenger who had been raised from the dead. But Abraham asserted that if they did not believe Moses and the prophets, who spoke constantly of caring for the poor, not even a resurrection would convince them. Are you like this rich man? Don’t wait for the messenger from the dead. Repent now and accept Jesus as your Saviour.

Food for Thought: What is your attitude towards your money and possessions?

Memory verse: Luke 16 verse 22

Prayer: Lord God, help me to accept your message of salvation now and not to wait for a message or messenger from the dead in Jesus name.

A Blessed Man


Devotion for Sunday May 14, 2017

Topic: A Blessed Man

Text: Jeremiah 17:7 – 8

Today’s text is opposite that of yesterday. Here, the man is blessed who trusts and hopes in the Lord. In Ps. 1:1ff is the record what makes a man blessed. Here, Jeremiah confirms it. God blessed Noah and his sons because they did what was pleasing to Him. Noah was a different man in his generation. Are you different in this generation? Do you hate all the evils of this age? Israelis were contemplating of asking Egypt for military assistance against invading Assyrians and God said that doing so is a curse but when they trust and hope in Him they will be blessed, and will be like a tree planted by the waters (17:7 & 8 compare Ps. 1:1 & 2).

Trusting in the Lord is beneficial to us in many ways – we are blessed, we are fruitful in all ramification, etc. Can you mention other benefits? Do you sincerely trust God in all things or in some things only? Those that put their trust in the living God certainly will continually receive from Him life and all the good things of life too. These will result to heavenly joy and peace which will always fill their souls. God does not intend to place curses on us. We can only be under curse when we wilfully disobey Him. We will be blessed and remain so when we walk in obedience to His word (Deut. 5:33) and when we delight to do His will and please Him. Where do you belong – those who obey God or those who disobey?

Food for Thought: Happiness comes from earthly things; blessedness comes from God.

Memory verse: Jeremiah 17 verse 7

Prayer: Help me O Lord my God to always please and obey you so as to enjoy your blessings in Jesus name.

Can Man Stop God’s Plan?


Devotion for Easter Eve Saturday April 15, 2017

Topic: Can Man Stop God’s Plan?

Text: Matthew 27:62 – 66 

The answer to the question that formed our topic for the day is emphatically NO. It is not possible that a creature will thwart or overturn the plan of his or her Creator. God intended that Man should disperse and live all over the earth but they chose to build the Tower of Babel. He changed their language and out of frustration, they dispersed.

God’s plan of salvation for man includes the death and resurrection of Christ. After His burial, the Chief priest and the Pharisees came to Pilate to secure the tomb of Jesus Christ so that His disciples will not come and remove His body and claim He has resurrected. They were permitted to do so and “They went and made the tomb secure, sealing the stone and setting the guard.” Unfortunately, they were disappointed (Matthew 28:1 – 7).

Beloved, God is assuring you today that all His plans and purposes for your life will be fulfilled. His intension is to give you an expected end, though not necessarily the things of this world. So when the things of this world are not manifesting for you, it does not mean that God hates you. All He wants is to take you to a place of eternal bliss not a place of temporal bliss. Perhaps some people are thinking that they will sit upon God’s blessings in your marriage; your office, your children, your work, your business, your health, etc. God will disappoint them by lifting them off from those blessings. Then the blessings will begin to manifest for you in Jesus name.

Food for Thought: There is no amount of gang up and manipulations of the enemies that can frustrate God’s plan for us.

Memory verse: Matthew 27 verse 66

Prayer: Heavenly Father, frustrate every plan to block my salvation and blessing from manifesting in Jesus name. Amen.