The Unchangeable God

Devotion for Sunday July 30, 2017

Topic: The Unchangeable God

Text: Malachi 3:1 – 6

What led God to say He us unchanging (Malachi 3:6)? It was the impending judgement which He had vowed to bring upon the Israel (Malachi 3:5). Malachi proved that God is just. He discussed the fact that the people of Israel were unjust in the way they robbed God of what rightly belong to Him. That was the reason for these social abuses in Malachi 3:5.

The people who committed them had no fear of the Lord. They thought that God was like themselves, that He would close His eyes to their sins and wouldn’t judge them for breaking His laws (see Psalm 50:21). God was not happy the way His people, Israel had cynically twisted His truth. He would punish those who insisted that because God was silent, He approved of their actions or at least would never punish them. God would also punish those who professed a counterfeit faith while acting sinfully (Malachi 3:5). When God says a thing, He performs it to the letter. He told His people that He will not change His decision to punish them for their crimes.

There are some ways we undermine the basic truth about our Christian faith and commit all manner of sins. Some of us feel that God understands and would forgive if they repent after committing those sins. It doesn’t work like that. The grace of God may not be sufficient for you. On the other hand, because our God is unchangeable, He can still meet you at the point of your need no matter how long it has persisted. Trust Him to do it for you as you wholehearted trust and believe Him.

Food for thought: Lamentation 3:22

Memory Verse: Malachi 3:6

Prayer: May I not undermine you, O Lord my God because what you have determined to do, no one can stop you.


A Delightful Land

Beloved, are there evidences of God’s delight in your affairs? Probably, you have not cared to obey God and live out His commandments. That could be the reason why there are no evidences that God delights in you.


Devotion for Thursday July 13, 2017

Topic: A Delightful Land

Text: Malachi 3:9 -12

In our text is one of the blessings God has promised us when we honour Him with our tithes and offering (Malachi 3:9 – 12). Read through the passage and find out other blessings that go with tithing and offering. He assured that when Israel obey His word and honour Him with their tithes and offering, He would do great things amongst them which people would see and call their land delightsome.

What God promised was a peculiar blessing upon His people which would make their land a resemblance of Paradise, the garden of the Lord, Eden. When people begin to do what is expected, they will become delightsome. The period Malachi wrote this prophecy was a period of decay in the life of the Jews. They were actually waiting for the coming of the Messiah but not ready to comply with God’s demands hence, Malachi 3:1 – 3, 5 stated so. Is it similar to what we have today? Do a comparison of Malachi’s period and our present day society (Christianity).

Beloved, has God made you a delight for people around you? Are there evidences of God’s delight in your affairs? Probably, you have not cared to obey God and live out His commandments.  That could be the reason why there are no evidences that God delights in you.

These are some of the things that will make God and people to delight in you: having the fear of God, wisdom from God, blessings of God, when you love peace, righteousness and charity. God can make you a delight only when you delight in Him also (Psalm 1:2, 37:4 and 119:92). When we honour God, He reciprocates. Begin to do that today.

Food for Thought: Total obedience to God brings blessings and makes us a delight

Memory verse: Malachi 3:12

Prayer: Lord, may I delight in you always so that you will bless me and make me a delight in the eyes of the world.

They Will Be A Separation


Devotion for Wednesday June 14, 2017

Topic: They Will Be A Separation

Text: Malachi 3:13 – 18

When God avenges for us, the world will certainly echo Ps. 58:11. We know what happened to Peter when he was imprisoned and also Paul and Silas. Many people today are disillusioned concerning the fate of the righteous by concluding that there is no hope for them as it was in the days of Malachi. They see the life of the righteous as filled with hardship and want. However, it is not so.

Here, Malachi assures that a time is coming when God will make the difference between the righteous and the wicked which the world will see. The use of return means coming back from their delusion, and to see in reality that God does make a difference between the righteous and the wicked. For now it may seem as if God has not put any difference between the righteous and the wicked, as the wicked seem to have their way now. Certainly, He will one day make an everlasting separation between them, such as all beings in heaven and hell shall well understand. The reason for this is in Matt. 13:24 – 30. Then the unrighteous will clearly see the happiness of the righteous, and their own misery, how they will perish in their wickedness.  Where will you belong? The way you live now will determine where you will be after the separation.

Food for Thought: Do you look down on God and His religion? Return from your delusion before it will be too late.

Memory verse: Malachi 3 verse 18

Prayer: Lord, when you make the difference, grant that I will not be among the wicked. Help me to live righteously in Jesus name.