A Reward For Our Actions

Devotion for Tuesday August 8, 2017

Topic: A Reward For Our Actions

Text: 2 Corinthians 5:9 – 11

This world is world of opposites; good or bad, man or woman, love or hatred, selfish or selfless, angry or happy, etc. God gave to man the will to makes choices at creation. “Man’s power of choice enables him to think like an angel or a devil, a king or a slave. Whatever he chooses, mind will create,” so Frederick Bailes. The power to make choices given to man will be his greatest undoing if we misused it.

Paul charges us here to walk well in our Christian life so as to please God because we shall account of ourselves before the judgement seat of Christ, where He, whose religion we profess will judge us according to its precepts and the grace bestowed on us. We need a conviction that we will stand at the judgement seat of Christ, and receive rewards according to the deeds done in the body, prudent and lead lives that will make us acceptable to Him and this is only possible with Christ-like life we are living here.

We note these facts from our scriptural reading.

1) The necessity of the judgement – We must, willing or unwilling

2) The universality of the judgement – We must all be judged

3) We will be judged by Christ – Whose image we ought to conform

4) It will be based on our person actions and inactions – The things done in the body

5) The reason for the judgement – To be punished or rewarded according to our actions.

Beloved, how prepared are you for this soon coming judgement to reward or punish us?

Food for Thought: The rewards you will receive depend on the way you have lived now. Therefore make good use of your time, talent and treasure to the glory of God

Memory verse: 2 Corinthians 5: 10

Prayer: Help me O Lord, to be conscious of the coming judgement so I will live well so as to receive a good reward in Jesus name.


Bad Attitude That Hinders Spiritual Growth


Devotion for Tuesday June 13, 2017

Topic: Bad Attitude That Hinders Spiritual Growth

Text: Matt. 7:24 – 29

Carelessness, carefree, negligence and presumption are very dangerous attitude that every serious minded Christians should avoid and never imbibe. A careless or carefree man can easily fall victim of the evil one. We know the story of Samson how he was so carefree with the instruction from God before his birth.

God’s word serves as a lamp to our feet and a light to our path (Psalm 119:105). It directs and guides us. It guards us against danger and grants us wisdom on how best to live successfully (Joshua 1:7 & 8). When we read or hear the word of God, we should apply them diligently to our lives as evidence we are true disciples of Jesus Christ. This virtue of living out what we hear from the word of God teaches here that we shouldn’t be carefree, careless, negligent or presumptuous of the word we hear. James lends credence to this in James 1:22, 23 and 2:14.

In our spiritual growth, what makes the difference is not how many times you have been through the Bible, but how thoroughly the Bible is reflecting in the life you live. This is what matters in our Christianity. You may have gone through the Bible many times but your character remains questionable.

Does the Bible have any effect on your life? Do you preach and teach the word of God but do the opposite? What is your testimony in your school, office, neighbourhood, etc as a Christian? We should not take God’s word for granted or we end up in hell. It is not just the hearers and preachers that will be saved but the doers of the word.

Food for Thought: James 1:22

Memory verse: Matthew 7 verse 26

Prayer: God, help me to apply your word into my life and not to take it for granted in Jesus name. Amen

God Is Our Stronghold


Devotion for Monday May 8, 2017 

Topic: God Is Our Stronghold

Text: Nahum 1:1 – 8

Our Lord is good and He manifests His goodness in various ways. God remembers mercy in the midst of judgment. Adam Clarke says, “None that trust in Him need be alarmed at these dreadful threatening; they shall be discriminated in the day of wrath, for the Lord knows them that trust in Him.” This is the evidence of His goodness. In our text, Nahum assures his people of safety in Jehovah under the impending attack of Sennacherib by saying that God is a stronghold in the day of trouble. God as a stronghold means that God alone is the one that can save them from the hands of Sennacherib.

In a time like this, we have so many challenges confronting us like Sennacherib confronted the Israelites. Note that God is our stronghold against all challenges of life (Ps 18:2). The challenge facing you may be healing, freedom from prison, securing a good job, getting someone to spend your life with, food to eat, etc. Remember, He never fails those who make Him their stronghold.

Beloved, let the words in Zech. 9:12 encourage you. As you cling to your stronghold and believe His word, He will guide you rightly and perfect all that concerns you. He will always keep safe all entrusted to Him because He knows His own (2 Tim. 2:19) except you are not His own.

Food for Thought: When you trust God sincerely you can never be frightened

Memory verse: Nahum 1 verse 7

Prayer: Lord, be my stronghold against the enemies’ attack on me and my family in Jesus name.

A Living Hope


Devotion for Saturday April 22, 2017

Topic: A Living Hope 

Text: 1 Peter 1:3 – 5

The Christian’s hope is a living principle, and sustains his spiritual life. Our hope is lived out. It is something that is live out for others to see. This hope gives life and looks for life as its object. We are now born again for a wonderful expectation of life to come but not of this world because we are pilgrims and foreigners here. This expectation we have is based on the assurance that God will keep His promise to raise us because Jesus Christ rose from the dead. Christ has made necessary power available for our resurrection (1 Corinthians 15:22). His resurrection makes us certain that we too will be raised from the dead.

This assurance is what makes our hope lively. It keeps us going, striving against all odds so as to gain that which God has promised us. What the resurrection of Christ has done for us is that it has inspired hope and grace in us. It has brought the conviction that we are going to be resurrected. The onus on us now is to live our lives with that inspired hope from the resurrection of Christ. It should make us to be heavenly conscious as we read yesterday. It should inspire a more strong faith in us that God is ever faithful to His promises. Our hope for eternal life promised us shouldn’t die.

We may be experiencing some negative things that are currently challenging our faiths. That notwithstanding, if we know our God, our hope will be renewed every day. We can achieve this by daily searching out God’s promises and laying hold of them as we pray. Don’t allow uncertainties of life deem your hope rather rekindle it daily basis. 

Food for Thought: Our hope for eternal life promised us shouldn’t die. Rekindle it on daily basis as we await the return of our Saviour.

Memory verse: 1 Peter 1 verse 3 – Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who according to His abundant mercy has begotten us again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead

Prayer: Help me, O Lord, to keep the hope of eternal life lively in me in Jesus name.

Raised To A New Life With Christ


Devotion for Friday April 21, 2017

Topic: Raised To A New Life With Christ

Text: Colossians 3:1 – 11

Repentance without noticeable change amounts to mere deception. It is very important we understand our status and expectations as Christians. You can never live well as a Christian with poor understanding of your status and what that status has conferred on you. Here, Paul tells the Colossians and us by extension that our lives have been raised to the realm above where Christ is sitting at the right hand of God. By our salvation, we have been raised with Christ. Our status is not just ordinary person walking on the street; rather we now have special qualities that distinguish us from unbelievers. For this reason, we should seek the things that are above. This implies that now as Christians we should set our priorities right by having the heavenly priorities take precedence over our own. It is expected that we should concentrate more on the things eternal than the things temporal.

As Christians who have been raised to new life, we should seek heavenly things with a strong desire to possess them. We must take our focus off the worldly and temporal things and place them on Christ in the heavenly place. The reason for this is that the strength and grace we need to run this heavenly race so well comes from Him. Moreover, we should not brag with our new status in Christ. Rather, we should be humble enough to appreciate where God has placed us by serving Him in humility and a heart of gratitude.

Food for Thought: Ephesians 2:4 – 7

Memory verse: Colossians 3 verse 1

Prayer: God, grant me the understanding of my status in you so I will live according to what you have made me in Jesus name.

Reckon Yourselves To Be Dead


Devotion for Thursday April 20, 2017

Topic: Reckon Yourselves To Be Dead

Text: Romans 6:8 – 11

Yesterday, we saw that one of the implications of our baptism is that we are to die to sin and be alive unto righteousness. Apostle Paul therefore, advised the Romans and we the present readers by extension that we should reckon ourselves to be dead to sin. A dead man is in a state of numbness and inactivity. The body does not do anything and thus is not prone to sin. Such state of numbness makes it impossible to commit sin because in that state it is emotionless without feelings.

What this means is that we should regard our old sinful nature as dead and unresponsive to sin. If you strike a match and place it on a dead body, he will not feel the heat because the body is in numbness state. By considering ourselves dead to sin, Paul wants us to be like Christ in  dying to sin and living to God; living a new life of holiness devoted to God’s glory, in imitating Christ’s resurrection-life.

As people who are now identified with Christ, we should distant ourselves from the kind of life we were used to before we repented. We should no longer want to pursue our old plans, desires, and goals. Those desires must be put to death (Col. 3:5, 6). We should begin to live for the glory of God. This will be a battle between the flesh and the spirit. However, if you are willing and obedient, God will grant you the enabling grace through the power of the Holy Spirit who will help you become all that Christ wants you to be. Your salvation should produce “A change not of state and condition only, but of character and conduct. It leads a person to live not unto himself, but unto Him who died for him and rose again” as posited Family Bible Notes. Is it so in your life?

Food for Thought: What positive change can be seen in your conduct and character as a Christian?

Memory verse: Romans 6:2 – Certainly not! How shall we who died to sin live any longer in it?

Prayer: Lord God, help me to mortify my body so I can die to sin in Jesus name.

Price of Godliness (Sickness)

If living a godly life can attract such persecution and trials, do we avoid godliness? This devotion gives us answer and suggestions of the best thing to do in such case.


Devotion for Wednesday April 5, 2017

Topic: Price of Godliness (Sickness)

Text: Job 2:7 – 10

Yesterday we saw how Job lost all his possessions because Satan was not happy that God had blessed him because he was a godly man; blameless and upright, and one who feared God and shunned evil. Today we have the story of how Satan came back to afflict him with a sickness doctors can’t describe. What was his sin for this affliction? He refused to give up his godly life. He refused to curse God.

Some people would have concluded that he was not really a godly man if not why will these serial attacks come upon him. The comment of his friends who came to him proves this. Some people said such about me when within a period of 4 years; I underwent kidney transplant operation two times and a heart operation also. If not that we are reading the story of Job, we wouldn’t have known what transpired between God and Satan before the problem started.

If living a godly life can attract such persecution and trials, do we avoid godliness? No! What we stand to gain far more outweigh the immediate pains (2 Corinthians 4:16 – 18). Our body may wear away but our soul which will return to God is what matters. Job understood this too well when he said that he knows his Redeemer lives and that he shall see God even after his skin has been destroyed (Job 19:25 – 27). What an expression of faith! Job was a man of faith who confessed the resurrection of the dead. If we have such understanding as Job had, we will not fear sickness and death; rather sickness and fear of death will draw us closer to God.

Food for Thought: Job 19:25 – 27

Memory verse: 2 Corinthians 4:17

Prayer: Grant me the grace I need, O Lord, never to deny you in time of sickness in Jesus name.