Do As It Pleases You But …

Devotion for Monday November 20, 2017

Topic: Do As It Pleases You But …

Text: Ecclesiastics 11:7 – 10

Youths are usually vigorous, energetic, lively, enthusiastic and adventurous. These make them restive because they love to pursue their heart desires. They do not accept a ‘no’ for anything they have made up their minds on. When they desire something, they are purposeful about it and they will vigorously pursue it till they acquire or attain that height.

It is on this premise that Solomon admonished youths to use their youthful exuberance with the mind that a day of reckoning will come. This should make them have a deep sense of God’s presence, reverencing His authority as that will be a great security against pursuit of sinful desires. Because God will bring youthful activities into judgement, they should let their pursuit of happiness and all their youthful enjoyments be in the fear of God.

This warning is not for the youths only. It is a warning for whosoever will not be found wanting on the day of Judgement. Those who fear God, and make Him their portion, will enjoy all that this world is capable of giving, and be prepared for the higher enjoyments of eternity because they will always apply discretion and fear of God in pursuit of enjoyment and happiness. This should be our guide in our walk with God.

Food for Thought: Aspiration after God is the only aspiration with the assurance that it will never meet with disappointment.

Memory verse: Ecclesiastics 11:9

Prayer: God, grant that I will always be mindful of what I do with the mind that there is Judgement waiting for me.

Do You Undermine God’s Word

Devotion for Tuesday October 31, 2017

Topic: Do You Undermine God’s Word

Text: John 12:44 – 50

John 12:48 is similar to Deuteronomy 18:19. Many people are eager to hear God’s word or preach it but very few are ready to apply same into their lives. The doers of the word of God are justified according to Apostle Paul (Romans 2:13). Thus James affirms in his exhortation in James 1:22.

Here in our bible reading for the day is an obvious truth. Jesus asserts that if anyone hears His word and does not believe it, that truth He preached will judge the person at last. A sinner will certainly remember the word he heard on the last day and that will be the source of his/her condemnation. Undermining the word of God we hear makes us not to be committed in the things of God and it makes us faithless when we come to the crossroads of life. Another side effect of undermining God’s word is that it makes us lose sight of what God is capable of doing for us. Lastly, those who undermine God’s word act hypocritically and are compromisers.

How do you treat the word of God you read, hear or preach? Do you read, hear or preach and undermine it? Do you attend all the conferences and conventions of your church and have nothing to show for it? When we hear the word of God and undermine it, the result will be what Paul said in 1 Timothy 4:2. Do not hear the word of God and refuse to surrender your life to Jesus? By so doing, you have already condemned yourself. Again, men of Nineveh will rise against you (Matthew 12:41) in judgement. Therefore, act now before it will be too late.

Food for Thought: The conscience of a sinner will concur with the sentence of Christ on Judgement Day. Will your conscience condemn or commend you?

Memory verse: John 12:48

Prayer: Lord in your mercy grant that I will no longer undermine your word. Help me to be a doer of your word and not hearer alone in Jesus name.

Request Sinners Often Make

Devotion for Monday September 11, 2017

Topic: Request Sinners Often Make

Text: Exodus 8:25 – 32

Unbelievers use these words often and again, “Pray for me.” Most times, they say it casually but it shows two basic truths. First and foremost, it shows that they know that the life they are living is not according to the will of God and needed mercy. Again, it shows that they have acknowledged that you are a child of God who can intercede on their behalf. King Jeroboam’s hand withered when he ordered the arrest of a man of God. Thereafter he said, “Please entreat the favour of the Lord your God and pray for me that my hand maybe restored to me” – 1 Kings 13:6b. The man of God did as requested and his hand was restored (1 Kings 13:6c).

Pharaoh hardened his heart by refusing to allow the Israelites to go and God dealt with him and his people. When he saw the outstretched arm of God, he asked Moses to intercede for him. This was similar to the case of Simon Magus, who, like Pharaoh, fearing the divine Judgement, begged for Peter’s prayers (Acts 8:24). Why will people deliberately sin and thereafter ask for prayers? If they actually know that what they are doing is evil, why do it? Can you give some reasons why people act that way?

Do you deliberately commit fornication, steal tell lies, etc., and thereafter you begin to ask for prayers or begin to pray? Repent now because the judgement of God is at hand. Don’t think that the grace of God is eternity. Remember how Pharaoh eventually died with his men inside the Red Sea. Therefore be warned.

Food for Thought: The knowledge of Divine Judgement coming upon all unrighteousness should make us live in awe of God.

Memory verse: Exodus 8:28

Prayer: God, grant me the grace to l need so that I will not deliberately sin against you.

Are You Prepared For Your Death?

Devotion for Friday August 11, 2017

Topic: Are You Prepared For Your Death?

Text: Hebrew 9:27 – 28

The issue of death was decreed by God when Man fell off His glory. So death coming to Man is not a strange thing. Death is a passage to eternity. The place where we will stay in eternity is determined by the way we live our lives on earth before we die. Jesus taught that there is eternity which comprises of eternal life or eternal condemnation (John 5:27 – 29).  At death, every man’s final state is determined. The fixed order for all men is to die once, and to be judged after death. When they die, finality is tamped on their work on earth. The death is the result of this appointment (Genesis 3:9). The cause of the appointment is sin (Romans 6:23) and the appointment with death is for all men whether godly or ungodly.

How are you preparing for your death? Robin Sharma said in his book, WHO WILL CRY WHEN YOU DIE that if someone desire to live well, he should often organize his funeral. Robin Sharma’s idea will certainly help us to number our days and live well as the Psalmist asserted. Do you live your life as if death and judgement will never come? Do you oppress people because you feel they are inconsequential?

The judgement awaiting us after death will be based on the way we live our lives here on earth (John 5:29). There is need to prepare yourself for death on daily basis because it can come at any time and any age. Start the preparation now because it will determine where you will spend your eternity.

Food for Thought: “Death to the Christian is the funeral of all his sorrows and evils and the resurrection of all his joys” – John H. Aughey

Memory verse: Hebrews 9:27

Prayer: Lord, may I daily prepare myself for my death and judgement so as to escape eternal condemnation in Jesus name.

A Reward For Our Actions

Devotion for Tuesday August 8, 2017

Topic: A Reward For Our Actions

Text: 2 Corinthians 5:9 – 11

This world is world of opposites; good or bad, man or woman, love or hatred, selfish or selfless, angry or happy, etc. God gave to man the will to makes choices at creation. “Man’s power of choice enables him to think like an angel or a devil, a king or a slave. Whatever he chooses, mind will create,” so Frederick Bailes. The power to make choices given to man will be his greatest undoing if we misused it.

Paul charges us here to walk well in our Christian life so as to please God because we shall account of ourselves before the judgement seat of Christ, where He, whose religion we profess will judge us according to its precepts and the grace bestowed on us. We need a conviction that we will stand at the judgement seat of Christ, and receive rewards according to the deeds done in the body, prudent and lead lives that will make us acceptable to Him and this is only possible with Christ-like life we are living here.

We note these facts from our scriptural reading.

1) The necessity of the judgement – We must, willing or unwilling

2) The universality of the judgement – We must all be judged

3) We will be judged by Christ – Whose image we ought to conform

4) It will be based on our person actions and inactions – The things done in the body

5) The reason for the judgement – To be punished or rewarded according to our actions.

Beloved, how prepared are you for this soon coming judgement to reward or punish us?

Food for Thought: The rewards you will receive depend on the way you have lived now. Therefore make good use of your time, talent and treasure to the glory of God

Memory verse: 2 Corinthians 5: 10

Prayer: Help me O Lord, to be conscious of the coming judgement so I will live well so as to receive a good reward in Jesus name.

The Unchangeable God

Devotion for Sunday July 30, 2017

Topic: The Unchangeable God

Text: Malachi 3:1 – 6

What led God to say He us unchanging (Malachi 3:6)? It was the impending judgement which He had vowed to bring upon the Israel (Malachi 3:5). Malachi proved that God is just. He discussed the fact that the people of Israel were unjust in the way they robbed God of what rightly belong to Him. That was the reason for these social abuses in Malachi 3:5.

The people who committed them had no fear of the Lord. They thought that God was like themselves, that He would close His eyes to their sins and wouldn’t judge them for breaking His laws (see Psalm 50:21). God was not happy the way His people, Israel had cynically twisted His truth. He would punish those who insisted that because God was silent, He approved of their actions or at least would never punish them. God would also punish those who professed a counterfeit faith while acting sinfully (Malachi 3:5). When God says a thing, He performs it to the letter. He told His people that He will not change His decision to punish them for their crimes.

There are some ways we undermine the basic truth about our Christian faith and commit all manner of sins. Some of us feel that God understands and would forgive if they repent after committing those sins. It doesn’t work like that. The grace of God may not be sufficient for you. On the other hand, because our God is unchangeable, He can still meet you at the point of your need no matter how long it has persisted. Trust Him to do it for you as you wholehearted trust and believe Him.

Food for thought: Lamentation 3:22

Memory Verse: Malachi 3:6

Prayer: May I not undermine you, O Lord my God because what you have determined to do, no one can stop you.