Hate Evil

Devotion for Friday August 4, 2017

Topic: Hate Evil

Text: Amos 5:12 – 15

Paul gave an admonition that all Christians should take to heart in his letter to the Romans which says, “Let love be without hypocrisy. Abhor what is evil. Cling to what is good (Romans 12:9). This is similar to the admonition Amos gave to the Israelites in our bible reading for the day. There are people who love to do evil and they are never at peace till they have done one. They abuse privileges and rights of not only themselves but of others around them. We know the story of Ahab and the wife Jezebel (1 Kings 16:30 -33). They did all manner of evil just because they were in leadership position. Do you behave like them? Repent today!

Amos charged the Israelites to hate evil and an evidence to prove their repentance. By that Amos said they should avoid what ruins them, and cleave to what helps them. As a proof they had taken the advice of Amos, he encouraged them to purity the seats of justice; and then expect God to be gracious to them. This was the crux of Prophet Amos’ message here. This message is very important to our present generation where people have Bible on one hand and gun to kill, steal and kidnap on the other hand. What are the evidences of your repentance? Do you have the name that you are alive but in reality you are dead? Christians should hate sin and not to take pleasure in it. Read Micah 3:11; 7:2 – 4 and Isaiah 1:23. Do you belong to any of these groups mentioned in these passages? It is time to repent and return to the Lord before it will be too late.

Food for Thought: Psalm 97:10

Memory verse: Amos 5:3

Prayer: God make me hate evil with all my heart and help me to cling to righteousness in everything I do in Jesus name.



Do You Desire Favour?


Devotion for Monday June 12, 2017

Topic: Do You Desire Favour?

Text: Proverbs 11:27

Many people don’t know how to court God’s favour. Living Bible translated this verse thus: “If you search for good you find God’s favour; if you search for evil, you find His curse.” Searching for good is one of the ways to court God’s favour. Doing good to people especially the down trodden and less privileged ones are ways to procure God’s favour. Matthew Henry Commentary puts it thus: “Those that are industrious to do good in the world get themselves beloved both with God and man: He that rises early to that which is good, that seeks opportunities of serving his friends and relieving the poor, and lays out himself therein, procures favour.”

This is challenging for us in this era of greed and selfishness; where people are so concerned about self than for anything else. People who do good to others always have God’s loving kindness surrounding them. The opposite of these is for men that seek evil. They are preparing ruin for themselves, who specialize in doing evil. It shall come upon them; when they will be paid in their own coin (see Esther 7:9 and 10).

Do you earnestly seek to do evil or good? They are many who do evil indirectly like Balak who called Balaam to assist him. Cain did his own openly by killing Abel and judgment came upon him. Evil hunts even after many years (Gen. 50:15). It pays to be kind and to be good to others.

Food for Thought: Little deeds of kindness, little words of love, help to make earth happy like the heaven above – Carney

Memory verse: Psalm 7:16

Prayer: God, remove evil from my heart and life. Grant me the spirit of kindness and grace to be kind to people in Jesus name, Amen.

Price Of Godliness (Loss Of Possessions)


Devotion for Tuesday April 4, 2017

Topic: Price Of Godliness (Loss Of Possessions)

Text: Job 1:13 – 22       

Job 1:1 gives us a description of Job. He was a godly man; blameless and upright, and one who feared God and shunned evil. For this reason, God made a hedge round him and all he had. This didn’t go down well with Satan who appeared in the presence of God to accuse Him for blessing Job. This conversation between God and Satan teaches us an important fact about God. He is aware of every attempt by Satan to bring suffering and difficulty upon us.

God knew Job and what Job can do. God vouched for him and when Satan was not satisfied, He permitted Satan to tempt Job but not to take his soul. The first series of attack was loss of his possessions including his children simply because God had blessed him and he was godly man; blameless and upright, and one who feared God and shunned evil.

While God may allow us to suffer for a reason beyond our understanding, He is always compassionate with us. Job had lost his possessions and family in this first of Satan’s tests, but he reacted rightly toward God by acknowledging God’s sovereign authority over everything God had given him. Satan lost this first round. Job passed the test and proved that people can love God for who He is, not for what He gives to them.

Have you taken time to analyze that problem you are going through; that loss of job, loss of your benefactor, loss of car, etc? It may be a test of your faith and commitment towards God. It may be that Satan wants to use it to distract you. Never give up. Loss of possessions shouldn’t distract our focus on God.

Food for Thought: Love and passion for possession can make us deny God if they are destroyed as a trial of our faith.

Memory verse: Job 1 verse 21

Prayer: Lord God, may I not love possessions more than you in Jesus name.

Noah Found Grace In The Eyes Of God

This devotion teaches us that we can still maintain our relationship with God despite the ills, vices and crime we find in our society as Noah did in his time.


Devotion for Friday February 17, 2017

Topic: Noah Found Grace In The Eyes Of God

Text: Genesis 6:6 – 9

In Noah’s time, the earth was filled with violence and corruption just as it is now in our days. Hardly will a day pass we don’t hear or read about violence especially in my country, Nigeria. These include kidnapping, communal clashes, herdsmen attack on farmers and their farms, assassination, insurgency, militancy, etc.

Then in the days of Noah, people blatantly manifested sin in two primary ways: sexual lust (Genesis 6:2) and violence (Genesis 6:11). It was so rampant that God decided to destroy the world, yet Noah did not allow these evils to rob him of his fellowship with God. He stood out as the only one who “walked with God” (Genesis 6:9), as was true of his great – grandfather Enoch (Genesis 5:22).

Noah was a just or righteous man (Genesis 6:9). For this reason, God singled him out among all his contemporaries and chose him to accomplish a great work of salvation of humanity and other creatures. He found grace in the eyes of the Lord because he followed the footsteps of his grandfather in obeying and fearing God.

Today, sexual sins of all kinds and violence are prevalent in the society. We need the grace of God more than ever because human depravity has not changed; it is still through lust and violence that evil finds unrestrained expression in the society. If you set your face against popular public opinion and conduct, you will find grace like Noah did. Amidst the widespread wickedness, compromise and evil of today, are still in communion with God? Noah got the revelation of impeding deluge as a result of grace. When grace is at work in your life, you are sure of safety from evil and danger. The grace of God is always free and undeserved; it must not be taken for granted. Grace is humbly sought through the prayer of faith (Malachi 1:9) and knowledge of God (2 Peter 1:2). Seek for it always in obedience and humility.

Food for Thought: God accepts us on the ground of Christ’s righteousness and not our own works. That is grace we need in a time like this.

Memory verse: Genesis 6 verse 8But Noah found favour in the eyes of the Lord.

Prayer: Almighty God and my Father, may I find grace in your eyes and be distinct in this generation. Amen.


This devotion teaches us not to allow evil to rule over us rather we should overcome evil with good.



Text: Romans 12:19 – 21                     

Rom. 12:6–21 states how we can live well as Christians. When someone hurts you deeply, instead of retaliating, Paul says you should befriend him. Reasons why we should forgive someone who hurts us are (1) forgiveness can break a cycle of reprisal and lead to mutual reconciliation. (2) It can make the enemy feel ashamed and change his or her ways. (3) By contrast, repaying evil for evil hurts you just as much as it hurts your enemy. You should understand that even if your enemy never repents, forgiving him or her will free you of a heavy load of bitterness. Family Bible Notes says, “Kindness towards enemies is a most likely means of making them friends; and if it does not have this effect, but they continue obstinately and wickedly to be enemies to their benefactors, they will ripen for aggravated ruin.”

We shouldn’t allow evil to rule over us (Gen. 4:6). According to Life Application Notes, “Forgiveness involves both attitudes and actions. If you find it difficult to feel forgiving toward someone who has hurt you, try responding with kind actions. If appropriate, tell this person that you would like to heal your relationship. Lend a helping hand. Send him or her, a gift. Smile at him or her. Many times you will discover that right actions lead to right feelings.” These words are hard to perform for an enemy but that is what will mark you out as a Christian. Anything short puts question mark on your Christianity.

Action: Write down five ways you can conquer evil

Memory verse: Romans 12 verse 21

Prayer: God, I need the grace to develop self-control and conquer evil with good.

EFFECTS OF WISDOM: Devotion for Monday October 17, 2016

This devotion centres on other gains from heavenly wisdom. It includes protection against evil company and evil practices amongst others.

EFFECTS OF WISDOM: Devotion for Monday October 17, 2016                 

Text: Proverbs 2:10 – 22    Memory verse: Proverbs 2 verses 10 and 11

Yesterday we read gains from heavenly wisdom. We saw that wisdom is divine and God gives it to those who consistently and concertedly seek for it. Because of its great value, not everyone is ready to pay the price to acquire wisdom. Today’s bible reading highlights more of what we stand to the gain from heavenly wisdom.

Heavenly wisdom will deliver one from the ways of evil men (Proverbs 2:10–15). This implies that with wisdom, someone can know the best way to approach or handle evil men. Such person cannot be enticed into doing evil with them. Wisdom will enable him to know when to flee from their cunning and deceitful ways. Wisdom is very important in a time like this when people are so much evil minded and wicked.

Any Christian, who is truly wise, should be very careful to avoid all evil company and evil practices which can lure us out of our Christian faith. When wisdom has control over our lives, then, it not only fills our heads, but enters into our hearts, and will protect, and preserve, both against corruptions within us and temptations without.

Secondly, it will deliver men from adulterous women (2:16–19). The adulteress is referred to as a wayward woman in that she is outside the circle of a man’s proper relationships (Proverbs 2:16). When we have wisdom in our hearts, it will guard us against improper relationship.

Two of the most difficult sins man finds exceedingly hard to resist are pride and sexual immorality. Both are seductive. In combination, their appeal is deadly and can destroy someone overnight. We need heavenly wisdom to overcome them. In fact, Solomon’s opinion is that only by relying on God’s strength can we overcome them. Pride appeals to the empty head; sexual enticement to the empty heart. We should be extremely careful about what we take to heart. It is only by looking up to God, that we can fill our heads with His wisdom and our hearts with His love. Remember that you have a destination and a reward waiting for you. Therefore always ask God for wisdom and strength to resist these temptations.

Food for Thought: “The only effectual safeguard from the ways of sin and ruin is the knowledge and fear of God” – Family Bible Notes

Prayer: Heavenly Father, sow and nurture your knowledge and fear in my heart in Jesus name.