The Divine Pleasure


Devotion for Friday July 21, 2017

Topic: The Divine Pleasure

Text: Luke 12:27 – 32

In the earlier part of this discourse (Luke 12:4), Jesus had called his disciples “my friends.” He had told them of the troubles of life which awaits them, but at the same time wished to show them how dear they were to Him. Jesus told them to endure trials, lack of necessities and temptations that might come their way for His sake and for the glorious future that awaits them.

Again, He assured them that God will meet their needs (Luke 12:22 – 31). God’s ability to provide does not exempt His people from the common calamities of life. In some respects, they are more exposed to calamities than other people. They have reason therefore to fear, no wonder His words in John 14:1.

The underling fact in our text is that God has provided for them a Kingdom. The glory of it cannot be expressed or conceived, nor will the duration of it ever end (Hebrews 12:28). He has given them this kingdom as their inheritance. The Kingdom is worth making a priority (Luke 12:31) because God will give it to those who faithfully follow Him.

The Kingdom is a certain reality, so God’s people need not to be afraid. Jesus went to prepare a Kingdom for us; a place of blessedness, where evil is fully overcome and where those who live there know only happiness, peace and joy. God’s desire and divine pleasure is for you to be part of His Kingdom. How are you preparing to be part of it?

Food for thought: If God could give up His Son to die for us, will it be a hard thing for Him to give us His Kingdom?

Memory verse: Luke 12:32

Prayer: Lord God, grant me the grace to be part of your Kingdom in Jesus name Amen.


You Are Surrounded By Wolves


Devotion for Saturday June 10, 2017

Topic: You Are Surrounded By Wolves

Text: Matthew 10:16 – Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves. Therefore be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.

When God calls us to a duty, He makes known to us the intricacies and implications. When He called me into full time ministry, He gave me Isaiah 43:1 – 10 which I see as what I have passed through since my ordination. When God called Paul, He told him about what he would suffer (Acts 9:10–16).

In our text today was the commission Jesus gave His disciples and present Christians on evangelism. Jesus Christ sent the disciples into the world as sheep among wolves; He intimated them that the enemies of the gospel in this wicked world have a great inclination, from their nature, to devour and destroy the ministers of the gospel and Christians alike. This is just as wolves have, from their natural temper to devour sheep. What a metaphor!

Despite all these challenges, Jesus recommended ways they can overcome them. He recommended prudence and innocence; saying you shall be as wise as serpents, to avoid the world’s injuries, and harmless as doves, in not revenging against them. What a good counsel from Jesus who actually wants us to succeed in our Christian race! Christians must not be altogether doves, lest they fall into dangers or serpents, lest they endanger others. This teaches us that wisdom and innocence should dwell together. How wise and innocent are you?

Food for Thought: “For as piety without policy is too simple to be safe, so policy without piety is too subtle to be good” – William Burkett Notes.

Memory verse: Matthew 10 verse 16 – “Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves. Therefore be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.”

Prayer: God, fill me with the spirit of wisdom and innocence in my Christianity.

Setting Our Priorities Right


Devotion for Monday May 1, 2017

Topic: Setting Our Priorities Right

Text: Luke 10:17 – 20

One thing that gives us joy in our Christian service and stewardship is going out for evangelism. There is a kind of joy when you come back and reflect on what happened when you were out there preaching to people. This was the kind of joy that the disciples experienced as they saw tremendous results when they ministered in Jesus’ name and with His authority. They were overjoyed by the result from their mission which Jesus shared with them.

Despite sharing in their joy, He helped them get their priorities right, by reminding them of their most important victory which is having their names registered in heaven. This honour was more important than any of their accomplishments.

Today is Workers Day or May Day. A day to celebrate workers but it is proper to remind all workers both in public and private sector that their first major priority is to serve God through humanity. Yes we all need to meet our basic needs but that should not be at the detriment of our faith and morals. There are things that should not be mentioned among Christians. The issue of bribery, kick back, rewards, settlements, budget padding, inflating prices of item purchased, etc, should not be uppermost in our hearts as we serve. Our rewards come from God. At the right and appropriate time, He will reward us.

Just as the disciples were rejoicing and Jesus had to caution them, so it is important that we caution ourselves because a day of reckoning will come when we shall give account of our stewardship to the unseen eye that watched all we did and the services we render. Happy May Day to all workers!

Food for Thought: What is uppermost in your mind as you service in that office, shop, etc.

Memory verse: Luke 10 verse 20

Prayer: Almighty God, help me to understand why you have placed me where I am to serve you through humanity in Jesus name. Amen

The Gospel Mandate


Devotion for Saturday April 29, 2017

Topic: The Gospel Mandate

Text: Luke 10:8 – 11

Evangelism has its mandate. Jesus who commissioned the Apostles, disciples and we the present day Christians gave us a mandate on what we should do. We are not just to go out for sake of going out. The first instruction was that we should value our welcome to any home by staying there and accepting whatever is offered to us. In the mandate Jesus stated that we should preach, healing the sick and telling them that the kingdom of God is at hand. We should shake off the dust on our feet against places where we are not welcomed.

The healing of the sick, casting out demons, etc are signs that the kingdom of God is near (see Luke 10:11; 21:31). This nearness of the kingdom has two interpretations; already here and soon to come. The kingdom Jesus established was not aimed at overthrowing any government. Rather, it was a kingdom that began in people’s hearts and was as near as people’s heart who are willing to make Jesus king over their lives.

In Matt. 24:14, Jesus asserted that the gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the world as a witness to nations before the end will come. How are you carrying out this mandate to preach the gospel? Are you among those who are calling on Jesus to come back for the saint militants when you are not willing to preach the gospel to souls dying without Christ? It is time to wake up to our call and mandate to preach the gospel because God will obviously demand their souls in our hands.

Action: As you go out today, ensure you exercise your mandate today.

Memory verse: Luke 10 verses 8 and 9

Prayer: Lord God, grant me utterance I go out to preach the gospel.

Requirements For Evangelism


Devotion for Friday April 28, 2017

Topic: Requirements For Evangelism

Text: Luke 10:3 – 7     

The instructions given to these seventy disciples are basically the same as those given to the twelve in Lk. 9:3 – 4. The reason was the same. He expected them to travel light, spend no time preparing for the trip, and depend upon Him and those to whom they ministered to, to meet their basic need which is food and probably shelter. Their mission is an urgent one which will not permit them to stop and spend time is exchanging pleasantries with people on their way. By this, Jesus didn’t mean that they should be impolite to people whom they passed on the road, but rather that they were not to waste their precious time by the wayside.

They had to remain focused on their task and mission. Jesus was sending his disciples out “as lambs among wolves.” This demands extra precautions because they will surely meet with opposition. This should cause them to depend on God for wisdom on how best to tackle oppositions. We the present day Christians are also like lambs among wolves. When we go on evangelism, we are usually attacked verbally and physically. I was once injured by a stone thrown at us on a mission. Therefore we should be alert, and remember to face your enemies, not with aggression but with love and gentleness. A dangerous mission requires sincere commitment. This advice in terms of requirements should arm us on what we should do or expect when we go on evangelism.

Food for Thought: How do you respond to oppositions when you go out to preach the gospel?

Memory verse: Luke 10 verse 4

Prayer: God, help me to be alert and cautious as I preach the gospel to others in Jesus name.

Two By Two Evangelism


Devotion for Tuesday April 25, 2017

Topic: Two By Two Evangelism

Text: Luke 10:1

As Jesus was concluding His earthly ministry, He had the burden to reach more places. As He couldn’t reach all the places He wanted to visit within the stipulated time, He opted to send some of His disciples on mission to places He intended to visit.  Perhaps that will help to get the gospel to so many places. Of all the synoptic gospels only Luke recorded the fact that Jesus sent seventy disciples on this mission in addition to the one he sent twelve apostles. Their mission was evidently temporary in nature, unlike that of the Twelve.

These disciples sent on this mission were not unique in their qualifications. They were not better educated; not more capable, or of higher status than other followers of Jesus. The only thing that qualified them for this mission was that they had been equipped with Jesus’ power and their vision to reach all the people. Having followed Jesus for over a year, there had been tremendous influence on their lives by the ministry of Jesus. Thus they were easily chosen.

Many of us have been with Jesus for over 3 years which was the lifespan of His earthly ministry. We have received calls so many times to go on evangelism. How many of us have yielded to those calls. Jesus had set an example for us. Churches should emulate two by two evangelism. Having been with Jesus for some time now, you should be winning souls by now.  It is important to dedicate our skills to God’s Kingdom, but we must also be equipped with His power and have a clear vision of what He wants us to do.

Action: As you go out today, ensure you share the gospel with someone.

Memory verse: Luke 10 verse 1

Prayer: God grant me the spirit to always evangelise in Jesus name.

Have Faith In God


Devotion for Tuesday (Holy Week) April 11, 2017

Topic: Have Faith In God 

Text: Mark 11:20 – 26

The next morning, Tuesday of the Holy week, Jesus and His disciples passed by the same fig tree they had passed the previous day (Mark 11:13-14). Jesus had cursed the tree, saying that no one would ever eat from it. By the next day, in the morning light, they could see that the tree had withered. The sight of the withered fig tree was a surprise to the disciples and Peter was quick to point that to Jesus. In response, Jesus charged them to have faith in God.

The response of Jesus could be interpreted to mean the coming judgment on spiritual laxity in Israel and they could only be safe if they had faith in God. Their faith should not rest in a kingdom they hoped Jesus would set up, in obeying the Jewish laws, or in their position as Jesus’ disciples. Their faith should rest in God alone. Jesus then taught them a lesson about answers to prayer. He explained that they could ask anything of God and receive an answer. Jesus’ point was that in their petitions to God they must believe and not doubt (not wavering in their confidence in God).

The kind of prayer Jesus meant was the prayer that the disciples would need to endlessly pray as they faced mountains of opposition to their gospel message in the years to come. Such prayer for the advancement of God’s Kingdom would always be answered positively at God’s own time. Daily, we are faced with challenges that seem mountainous. We should have unwavering confidence in God if we hope to overcome them.

Food for Thought: Do you have the confidence in God and strong faith which is able to accomplish things that are most difficult?

Memory verse: Mark 11 verse 22

Prayer: Grant me the confidence in you, O God, so I can accomplish difficult things with ease.