Do You Desire Favour?


Devotion for Monday June 12, 2017

Topic: Do You Desire Favour?

Text: Proverbs 11:27

Many people don’t know how to court God’s favour. Living Bible translated this verse thus: “If you search for good you find God’s favour; if you search for evil, you find His curse.” Searching for good is one of the ways to court God’s favour. Doing good to people especially the down trodden and less privileged ones are ways to procure God’s favour. Matthew Henry Commentary puts it thus: “Those that are industrious to do good in the world get themselves beloved both with God and man: He that rises early to that which is good, that seeks opportunities of serving his friends and relieving the poor, and lays out himself therein, procures favour.”

This is challenging for us in this era of greed and selfishness; where people are so concerned about self than for anything else. People who do good to others always have God’s loving kindness surrounding them. The opposite of these is for men that seek evil. They are preparing ruin for themselves, who specialize in doing evil. It shall come upon them; when they will be paid in their own coin (see Esther 7:9 and 10).

Do you earnestly seek to do evil or good? They are many who do evil indirectly like Balak who called Balaam to assist him. Cain did his own openly by killing Abel and judgment came upon him. Evil hunts even after many years (Gen. 50:15). It pays to be kind and to be good to others.

Food for Thought: Little deeds of kindness, little words of love, help to make earth happy like the heaven above – Carney

Memory verse: Psalm 7:16

Prayer: God, remove evil from my heart and life. Grant me the spirit of kindness and grace to be kind to people in Jesus name, Amen.



We experience hunger and thirst every day, and desire food. In same way, Jesus want us to desire righteousness the way we desire for food and water every day.



Text: Matthew 5:6               Memory verse: Matthew 5:6

Righteousness as we have it here denotes that spiritual and entire conformity to the laws of God. To hunger and thirst here means to have an ardent desire to conform to the laws of God. As hunger and thirst are the keenest of our appetites, Jesus, by using these words here, plainly mean those whose deepest cravings are to live in a right relationship with God. Jesus wants us to understand that to hunger and thirst after righteousness is to apprehend its worth, to desire it, and to be restless in endeavours to posses it, as people usually do when they are haggard as a result of hunger.

Hunger and thirsty are what we experience daily. The use here implies that our desire for righteousness should be on daily basis. No one satisfies hunger and thirst once and for all. Therefore, we cannot claim righteousness once and for all. When we take a proper look at the first four of the beatitudes, they centre on personal relationship with God in terms of salvation and righteousness while the remainders show us how to relate with people accordingly. Do you have this kind of hunger and thirst? Our desires of spiritual blessings especially for righteousness must be sincere and earnest.

Food for Thought: As the deer panteth for the water, so my soul longeth after Thee. You alone are my heart desire and I long to worship thee. Chorus: You alone are my strength, my shield, to you alone may my spirit yield; you alone are my heart desire, and I long to worship Thee (Song).

Prayer: Almighty God, satisfy my hunger and thirst after spiritual blessings.