Divinely Inspired

Devotion for Saturday August 12, 2017

Topic: Divinely Inspired

Text: Matthew 16:13 – 20

If we must make wise decisions that will please God and affect humanity, we have to rely on divine inspiration. Solomon showed such inspiration in the historic judgement between the two harlots claiming a child (1 Kings 3:16ff). It takes walking with God to have divine inspiration. If you are living in sin and disobeying God and His word, you cannot be inspired divinely. Sin drives the spirit of God from us and denies us blessings of His fellowship.

Peter is impetuous and impulsive in character. He is always at the forefront when questions are asked or actions needed which shows his faith. Jesus had asked the disciples a question to know what they think of Him (Matthew 16:15). Peter’s reply, expressed his faith. His confession was an inspiration from God because by then, Jesus had not been transfigured where the voice confirmed that He is the Son of God (Matthew 17:1 – 6). The confession of Peter is the Christian confession and the foundation of the church, into which all saints are built as living stones of the temple (Matthew 16:17 – 19).

Have you sincerely made this confession that Jesus is the Son of God? It is the confession upon which our baptismal creed was made. It we are to rightly apprehend divine truth and absolutely regard it, we should allow God to give us inspiration. We can get inspiration as we study the scriptures, and from direct teaching of God on our minds. How often do you draw inspiration from God by studying your bible? See Joshua 1:8

Food for Thought: “There never was a great soul that did not have some divine inspiration” – Marcus Tullius Cicero.

Memory verse: Matthew 16:16

Prayer: God, grant me the understanding always as I study your word and inspire me to live out all I read in Jesus name.


Yes My Redeemer Lives


Devotion for Friday July 14, 2017

Topic: Yes My Redeemer Lives

Text: Job 19:25

If we ever hope to reap from God’s goodness and mercies, we must have a good knowledge of Him. Here in our text is Job’s creed or confession of faith – his belief in God the Father Almighty, the Maker of heaven and earth, and the principles of natural religion, had often professed. Job believed in a living Redeemer and looked for the resurrection of the dead and the life of the world to come. Job made his confession of faith in steadfastness of his belief in God.

What do you confess in times of trouble? Do not forget that what you confess matters a lot because life and death are in the power of tongue (Proverbs 18:21). Even when you are questioned about what you confess, don’t stop saying it. It will produce result for you, so long as it is the promise of God.

Jesus Christ our near kinsman has redeemed us after our heavenly inheritance was mortgaged by sin. He has paid our debt, satisfied God’s justice for sin, and so has taken off the mortgage and made a new settlement of our inheritance. Jesus Christ is our living Redeemer. Though He died on the Cross, He rose again. Although Job had lost all his wealth and friends, he was not separated from Christ. He trusted God and spoke prophetically about the Redeemer and resurrection.

In that your sickbed, that problem or trouble, what is your relationship with Christ? Do you still see Him as your Redeemer? Do you serve God only when things are good and you back out on Him when trouble comes your way? What is your take about Jesus? Is He your Redeemer?

Food for Thought: Strong confidence in God supports the soul in the deepest afflictions and causes it to rejoice in hope of the glory of God.

Memory verse: Job 19:25

Prayer: Lord, even when the world turns against me, help me to understand that you are there for me as my living Redeemer.

Faith And Action: Two Sides Of The Coin


Devotion for Saturday May 20, 2017

Topic: Faith And Action: Two Sides Of The Coin                      

Text: James 1:22

Faith without work is dead so says James in Jas 2:26. For anyone to become a faithful Christian, he/she must developed faith as a virtue in personal life and works. Today, Abraham is called the father of the faithful because by his works he proved his faith. God didn’t tell him where to go, but by the instruction to leave his father land, he left (Gen 12:4). Many of us today will argue with God to tell us where He is sending us. Great heroes and heroines of the Scriptures attained that status because of the faith they demonstrated in their walk with God. Faith goes with action. Both are two sides of coin you can’t do without.  You cannot say you believe in God but has nothing to prove what you actually believed in. It must be substantiated with actions.

James tells us that we should always substantiate our faith by doing what we hear in the word of God. Albert Barnes says “If a man supposes that by a mere punctual attendance on preaching, or a respectful attention to it, he has done all that is required of him, he is labouring under a most gross self- deception.” Unfortunately these words of Barnes are true in the life of some Christians today. They are utterly regardless whether these words have any influence on their lives or not. This is mere hypocrisy. There must be a corresponding action to the faith we confess. We have so many church denominations but its effects are not seen in our daily lives. If we say we are Christians, we should be justified by our action not by our confession alone (Matt.7:21; Lk 11:28 & Rom. 2: 13).

Food for Thought: Is your faith justified by your confession and action

Memory verse: James 1 verse 22

Prayer: Lord God, make me a doer of your word and not hearer alone.

Hosanna In The Highest


Devotion for Palm Sunday April 9, 2017

Topic: Hosanna In The Highest

Text: Mark 11:1 – 11

During the celebration of Passover festival, Jews usually come to Jerusalem from all over the Roman world for this week-long celebration to remember the great exodus from Egypt (Exodus 12:37-51). It was on the Sunday preceding the festival, that Jesus entered Jerusalem as a King. Many in the crowds had heard of or seen Jesus and were hoping he would come to the Temple (John 11:55-57). He eventually came, not as a warring king on a horse or on a chariot, but as a gentle and peaceable King on a donkey’s colt (Zechariah 9:9). Thus with this entry, Jesus declared His Kingship and Messiahship. Unfortunately, some people misunderstood it.

The tumultuous crowd shouted “Hosanna, blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.” Hosanna simple means “save now” or “save, we pray!” This was the cry of the multitudes as they thronged in our Lord’s triumphal procession into Jerusalem. Some of these Jews were merely shouting Hosanna because others were shouting. Some others were shouting because they were indeed expecting a Messiah. These two groups were there.

Today, some of us shout Hosanna from our hearts while some others shout without believing what they are saying. Paul says that salvation is near our mouth (Romans 10:8-9). The confession you make, is it out of a sincere heart or just to fulfil all righteousness because you are in the crowd? Remember that our relationship and dealings with God are based on faith.

Food for Thought: Do you mean the hosanna you shout or you do it to fulfill all righteousness?

Memory verse: Mark 11 verse 9

Prayer: Lord, let what I believe be same and true with my confession in Jesus name. Amen.