Don’t Copy World’s Standard

Devotion for Wednesday November 22, 2017

Topic: Don’t Copy World’s Standard

Text: Roman 12:1 – 2

Our world of today lacks genius. What we have today are pirated works. People are no longer genuine in production of anything especially in this part of the world. Everyone toes the same way of doing thing even in the church. No one wants to be original. These have robbed us of growth and self-actualization. When we find ourselves in the midst of other people, there is always the tendency to copy what they do and we easily forget that “Evil company corrupts good habits” – 1 Corinthians 15:33. On the other hand, good company also model good habits. This informs Paul’s words in our bible reading for today. He urged the Roman Christians no to conform to the standard of this world; to its sinful spirit, maxims, principles and practices of this world.

On the contrary, Christians should walk singularly and not after the world’s guise. Do you copy unnecessary behaviour, dressings, character, speech, etc., because it is in vogue? Who brought it in vogue – God, man or Satan? Think of the present day style of fashion and dressing. Most of them are ungodly. We should be led by the Spirit as Christians and not by what is in vogue. We should also learn to do things according to the will of God and not the propelling of self. This is a challenge if we hope to make heaven.

Food for Thought: Ephesians 5:17

Memory verse: 1 John 2:15

Prayer: Lord God, help me not to conform to the word’s standard as you renew me through your word.


A Warning To My Christian Sisters

A Warning To My Christian Sisters

The gospel of grace that we preach today is not an excuse for careless living and dressing. What is your gain when you wear a skirt that does not cover your knee and when you sit in the church, bible study or fellowship meetings, you use your handkerchief to cover your laps that have been exposed. Who are you deceiving?

Paul said “For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s” (1 Corinthians 6:20 – NKJV). For God’s sake, there are clothes that befit Christians. Decency and moderation should be the basis for Christian dressing. Unfortunately our emphasis is quite different. When you expose the sensitive part of your body through indecent dressing and body hug dresses to show how big your buttocks are or your figure 8, who are you deceiving? Remember that the deceiver and the deceived will be cast into the lake of fire.

In such and many other dressings that expose sensitive parts and contours of your body, where is the glory of God? Where is the glory of God when you wear only one sleeve of cloth instead of normal two? Where is the glory of God when you dress without recourse to what could be termed moral standard? Remember that a day of reckoning is coming when we shall give account of what we have done without bodies.

Oh ye ladies, you are inexcusable if you belong to this group. This is a warning for all of you who think that it doesn’t matter. Devil had seen that the emphasis of some people is on skirt, gown, blouses and wrappers and decided to make the ones that will glorify him and not God. He raised tailors from the spirit world to deceive people with designs that are demonic. Unfortunately, most people don’t care. Check the designs of present day wedding gowns; go to fashion parades, go to boutique and see for yourself what people do and yet Christians patronize them because Miss A wore it yesterday. It has now become a standard. Why is it that there is no more shame in the eyes of our ladies? Where is pride of being a born again child of God?

Parents should warn their children because if they keep quiet because they feel that such dressing is what is obtainable in the present age, they will be held responsible on the last day. Please shout at the roof top for the world and heaven to vindicate you on the last day.

Dearly beloved of God, let your dress be pleasing to God and not because it is what is in vogue. You shouldn’t join the multitude in doing evil. That everybody is doing it does not mean that you too should do it or that it has become a standard. Who invented it – God or Satan? When Adam and Eve, out of foolishness, made clothes for themselves from fig leaves, God saw that it was not good enough and made for them tunic from animal skin.

Where is the wisdom of today’s Christian men and women?

For the boys, I am coming.

They Were Unperturbed

Devotion for Tuesday September 19, 2017

Topic: They Were Unperturbed

Text: Daniel 3:8: – 18

There are kinds of faith that God cannot ignore or overlook especially when it will glorify Him. When Esther did the unusual because the lives of God’s people were at stake, she got God’s approval and the favour she sought from the king. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego made up their minds to refuse the worship demanded of them, despite the increase fire temperature, and they knew that arguing the matter would do no good (Daniel 3:16), they persisted in their decision. To them, casting them into the furnace; the terror of it has no effect on their minds to induce them to alter the resolution they had taken. Their faith was in the fact that they serve a God who is able to deliver them. Should He not deliver them, they were equally determined and satisfied that in one way or another, He will deliver them out of the fire. That was a resolute faith

There are two reasons for their resolutions: first was on the power and providence of God, and secondly, their cause, which was God’s glory, and the testifying of the true religion. And so they make open confession that they will not so much as outwardly consent to idolatry.

Here is a challenge for us, the present day Christians who delight to fight enemies. When confronted with issues that will not glorify God in our offices, villages, towns and wherever we may find ourselves, what will you do? Do you resist even to the point of shading your blood? These young Hebrews men were resolute and God honoured them. Honour God by standing up for Him and obviously, He will honour you too

Food for Thought: Do you have the kind of faith that God cannot overlook?

Memory verse: Daniel 3 verse 17

Prayer: Lord Jesus, grant me such undaunted faith to stand out and glorify you no matter the kind of challenge that may confront me in Jesus name.

Hate Evil

Devotion for Friday August 4, 2017

Topic: Hate Evil

Text: Amos 5:12 – 15

Paul gave an admonition that all Christians should take to heart in his letter to the Romans which says, “Let love be without hypocrisy. Abhor what is evil. Cling to what is good (Romans 12:9). This is similar to the admonition Amos gave to the Israelites in our bible reading for the day. There are people who love to do evil and they are never at peace till they have done one. They abuse privileges and rights of not only themselves but of others around them. We know the story of Ahab and the wife Jezebel (1 Kings 16:30 -33). They did all manner of evil just because they were in leadership position. Do you behave like them? Repent today!

Amos charged the Israelites to hate evil and an evidence to prove their repentance. By that Amos said they should avoid what ruins them, and cleave to what helps them. As a proof they had taken the advice of Amos, he encouraged them to purity the seats of justice; and then expect God to be gracious to them. This was the crux of Prophet Amos’ message here. This message is very important to our present generation where people have Bible on one hand and gun to kill, steal and kidnap on the other hand. What are the evidences of your repentance? Do you have the name that you are alive but in reality you are dead? Christians should hate sin and not to take pleasure in it. Read Micah 3:11; 7:2 – 4 and Isaiah 1:23. Do you belong to any of these groups mentioned in these passages? It is time to repent and return to the Lord before it will be too late.

Food for Thought: Psalm 97:10

Memory verse: Amos 5:3

Prayer: God make me hate evil with all my heart and help me to cling to righteousness in everything I do in Jesus name.


Devotion for Wednesday August 2, 2017

Topic: They Found Favour With All Men

Text: Acts 2:42 – 47

Being in favour with all men is only possible when you are at peace and favour with God. It is when you do the things that are pleasing to God that He will begin to make men to like you and extend favour to you. From Acts 2:42 – 47, we have reasons why the early church had favour with all men. Use the reasons and compare them with your local church to see if there are differences. The early church did what was pleasing to God in everything. They started by being submissive to the instructions of Jesus Christ (Acts 1:4 – 5). They obeyed and the result was the baptism of the Holy Spirit (Act 2:1ff). Again, they had things in common, were studying, breaking bread and praying together. All these granted them favour before God and with all the people. This resulted in what we have in Acts 2:47b.

When Christians manifest sincerity and show commitment to the things of God by being united in affection and efforts, the result will be prosperity of the church as people that repent will join the church. The church should be joyful in the Lord and striving always to do good as they have the opportunity to do so to all men. Are you at favour with people in your neighbourhood and can they follow you to your church because of your character? Remember that religion without character ends in hell fire. Therefore, be the light God called you to be (Matthew 5:14 – 16).

Food for Thought: “Unless there are people who are responding to the love of God as revealed in Christ and so are worshipping Him, the Church is not very important.” – Blake

Memory verse: Act 2:47

Prayer: Help me my Lord and my God, to live well and be at peace with all people within my neighbourhood and others I meet on daily basis in Jesus name. Amen.

Signs Of True Christianity


Devotion for Tuesday May 23, 2017

Topic: Signs Of True Christianity                                   

Text: Colossians 3:12 – 17                                                                             

When the early followers of Christ exhibited some characters in Antioch, they were easily called Christians – Christ-like (Acts 11:26). Christian should be known by their character. No wonder Jesus challenged us to shine as light and live as salt (Matt. 5:13 – 16). He also urged us to love one another (Jn. 14:34 & 35).

Here, Paul urged us to put on virtues that will single us out as God’s elect; virtues that speak for us as true believers. How many virtues did he mention in this text? God’s elect here means chosen, set apart, sanctified or consecrated. Christians are requested to put on these virtues; tender mercies, kindness, humility, meekness, longsuffering, etc, as the regalia with which we should be known. As God’s elect we should manifest spirit of kindness, gentleness, and love towards Christians and non-Christians.

Sadly, this is not so among us. We love only those we know; contrary to what the Bible says. What do you exhibit as mark of your Christianity? Do you show tender mercies as a Christian? Are you kind, humble, meek, showing longsuffering, bearing with one another, and forgiving one another even as Christ forgave you? Are you among the people who wear long garment, carry the biggest bible or attend all church programmes to be noticed when you are a wolf in your neighbourhood? How do you treat people when they offend you? Do you show longsuffering when offended? Search yourself and repent before it will be late. Show your Christianity by exhibiting true virtues everywhere you go.

Food for Thought: Kindness has converted more sinners than zeal or eloquence.

Memory verse: Colossians 3 verse 12

Prayer: God, grant me the grace to develop true character of a Christian.