Bad Attitude That Hinders Spiritual Growth


Devotion for Tuesday June 13, 2017

Topic: Bad Attitude That Hinders Spiritual Growth

Text: Matt. 7:24 – 29

Carelessness, carefree, negligence and presumption are very dangerous attitude that every serious minded Christians should avoid and never imbibe. A careless or carefree man can easily fall victim of the evil one. We know the story of Samson how he was so carefree with the instruction from God before his birth.

God’s word serves as a lamp to our feet and a light to our path (Psalm 119:105). It directs and guides us. It guards us against danger and grants us wisdom on how best to live successfully (Joshua 1:7 & 8). When we read or hear the word of God, we should apply them diligently to our lives as evidence we are true disciples of Jesus Christ. This virtue of living out what we hear from the word of God teaches here that we shouldn’t be carefree, careless, negligent or presumptuous of the word we hear. James lends credence to this in James 1:22, 23 and 2:14.

In our spiritual growth, what makes the difference is not how many times you have been through the Bible, but how thoroughly the Bible is reflecting in the life you live. This is what matters in our Christianity. You may have gone through the Bible many times but your character remains questionable.

Does the Bible have any effect on your life? Do you preach and teach the word of God but do the opposite? What is your testimony in your school, office, neighbourhood, etc as a Christian? We should not take God’s word for granted or we end up in hell. It is not just the hearers and preachers that will be saved but the doers of the word.

Food for Thought: James 1:22

Memory verse: Matthew 7 verse 26

Prayer: God, help me to apply your word into my life and not to take it for granted in Jesus name. Amen

Signs Of True Christianity


Devotion for Tuesday May 23, 2017

Topic: Signs Of True Christianity                                   

Text: Colossians 3:12 – 17                                                                             

When the early followers of Christ exhibited some characters in Antioch, they were easily called Christians – Christ-like (Acts 11:26). Christian should be known by their character. No wonder Jesus challenged us to shine as light and live as salt (Matt. 5:13 – 16). He also urged us to love one another (Jn. 14:34 & 35).

Here, Paul urged us to put on virtues that will single us out as God’s elect; virtues that speak for us as true believers. How many virtues did he mention in this text? God’s elect here means chosen, set apart, sanctified or consecrated. Christians are requested to put on these virtues; tender mercies, kindness, humility, meekness, longsuffering, etc, as the regalia with which we should be known. As God’s elect we should manifest spirit of kindness, gentleness, and love towards Christians and non-Christians.

Sadly, this is not so among us. We love only those we know; contrary to what the Bible says. What do you exhibit as mark of your Christianity? Do you show tender mercies as a Christian? Are you kind, humble, meek, showing longsuffering, bearing with one another, and forgiving one another even as Christ forgave you? Are you among the people who wear long garment, carry the biggest bible or attend all church programmes to be noticed when you are a wolf in your neighbourhood? How do you treat people when they offend you? Do you show longsuffering when offended? Search yourself and repent before it will be late. Show your Christianity by exhibiting true virtues everywhere you go.

Food for Thought: Kindness has converted more sinners than zeal or eloquence.

Memory verse: Colossians 3 verse 12

Prayer: God, grant me the grace to develop true character of a Christian.

They Cannot Deny It


Devotion for Friday March 24, 2017

Topic: They Cannot Deny It

Text: Acts 4:15 – 18

The Council was in a dilemma on what to do with the Apostles as they had performed an undeniable and widely publicized miraculous healing of the man born lame. This miracle and others done by the Apostles made the masses to gravitate toward Christianity abandoning the Jewish religion. Their problem now was how they could save their faces (in light of the obviously healed man), discourage further teaching and healing in the name of Jesus, and preserve the status quo.

Their solution to the above concerns was to order them not to speak to anyone in Jesus’ name again. Unfortunately, their power and position could not convince them to be silent. When God’s will is unfolding, no one can stop it (Acts 5:34 – 39). Again, His works do not leave traces of doubt behind. The healing of this man was so obvious that the Council couldn’t deny it. They attested to it.

Most unbelievers question our salvation too when they discover that our lives do not reflect the confession we make. We give unbelievers room to doubt our faith when we compromise and live carelessly. Can people in your office, school, neighbourhood, and other places where you may be found say that your salvation and faith are undeniable? Can people actually vouch that you are a true Christian? Ponder on these questions and where there is need; amend your ways now by repenting of your sins before it will be too late.

Food for Thought: Can people question your credibility as a Christian?

Memory verse: Acts 4 verse 16b

Prayer: Help me, O Lord, to live well so that people can’t deny or question whether I am a Christian indeed.

In Times like This, Look Up to God


Devotion for Wednesday February 1, 2017          

Topic: In Times like This, Look Up to God           

Text: Psalm 121 (Living Bible)  

Our world of today especially the Nigerian case has so many challenges like high cost of living, irregular payment of salaries, poor power supply, fuel scarcity (as at the time I was writing), threat against Christianity, etc. These have placed so many people in a strait especially those who want to live righteously. Here the Psalmist started with a question: Shall I go to the mountain gods for help? In order words, do I go to where I ought not to go or do what is not right to get help? He also gave the answer as ‘No!’ He said so because he knew God and what He can do. He also knew that the righteous can never beg for food (Ps. 37:25). God holds the affairs of this universe. He has the best plan for our tomorrow. His thought far supercedes ours. His plan is to give us an expected end. Hunger, hardship, persecution, lack, etc. cannot stop God’s plan for us. In this new month, I urge you to look up to God to sustain you and your family. The month of January may have been a month of stress and strait. Never mind, God has already planned for you. Look up to Him. He called you and will perfect all that concerns you. We wish you a lovely month of February 2017.

Food for Thought: Looking up to God for help is a mark which distinguishes the true believer from all other men.

Memory verse: Psalm 121 verse 2

Prayer: God, may I rely on you in every situation and not on man.


This devotion teaches us not to allow evil to rule over us rather we should overcome evil with good.



Text: Romans 12:19 – 21                     

Rom. 12:6–21 states how we can live well as Christians. When someone hurts you deeply, instead of retaliating, Paul says you should befriend him. Reasons why we should forgive someone who hurts us are (1) forgiveness can break a cycle of reprisal and lead to mutual reconciliation. (2) It can make the enemy feel ashamed and change his or her ways. (3) By contrast, repaying evil for evil hurts you just as much as it hurts your enemy. You should understand that even if your enemy never repents, forgiving him or her will free you of a heavy load of bitterness. Family Bible Notes says, “Kindness towards enemies is a most likely means of making them friends; and if it does not have this effect, but they continue obstinately and wickedly to be enemies to their benefactors, they will ripen for aggravated ruin.”

We shouldn’t allow evil to rule over us (Gen. 4:6). According to Life Application Notes, “Forgiveness involves both attitudes and actions. If you find it difficult to feel forgiving toward someone who has hurt you, try responding with kind actions. If appropriate, tell this person that you would like to heal your relationship. Lend a helping hand. Send him or her, a gift. Smile at him or her. Many times you will discover that right actions lead to right feelings.” These words are hard to perform for an enemy but that is what will mark you out as a Christian. Anything short puts question mark on your Christianity.

Action: Write down five ways you can conquer evil

Memory verse: Romans 12 verse 21

Prayer: God, I need the grace to develop self-control and conquer evil with good.

LIVE OUT THE WORD YOU HEAR: Devotion for Sunday September 25, 2016

One major problem with present day Christianity is that professors of the religion do not live out the word of God they hear and read. This was so in the days of James who admonished us in our bible reading that we should live out the word we hear. Read through the devotion and be blessed

LIVE OUT THE WORD YOU HEAR: Devotion for Sunday September 25, 2016

Text: James 1:19 – 25        Memory verse: James 1 verse 22

For every trials and problems of life we pass through, there are lessons for us to learn. This is what we should understand. Nothing happens for nothing. When we are under trials, instead of blaming God, we should open our ears and hearts to hear and learn what He teaches by them. This is very important because when we don’t learn from our trials, mistakes, etc, we will eventually fall into them in future. That is why it is important to learn from our past and use them for our future.

Any Christian who could govern his or her tongue could also govern his or her passions. In James’ opinion according to our scriptural reading for the day, mere reading or even studying, God’s word can’t profit us if we don’t obey what it says or teaches us. Our purpose for reading and listening to God’s word should not just be to know it, but also to do it – applying them into our daily living. It will amount to mere foolishness and our undoing when we pride ourselves in the knowledge of Scripture if that’s all there is to it.

The ability to quote bible verse off hand and recite them at will; without the words manifesting in our lives; in the way we talk, react, and act, etc, we are still far from what God expects of us. “Worthwhile knowledge is a prelude to action; God’s word can only grow in the soil of obedience” so says Life Application Commentary. It is important to hear God’s word, but it is much more important to obey it. We can measure the effectiveness of our Bible study time by the effect it has on our behavior and attitudes. Do we put into action what we have studied?

We hear and read the word of God regularly during corporate services, and personal quiet times. It is not how often you hear or read it that matters with God but how much we live out the word. Christians are unbelievers’ Bible. No wonder Christ said we are the salt of the earth and light of the world. We should therefore, give them good message daily and not what will make them question our Christian faith. Christianity should be lived out and not only professed.

Food for Thought: Romans 2:13

Prayer: Lord, help me to become a doer of your word and not hearer alone.