A Reward For Our Actions

Devotion for Tuesday August 8, 2017

Topic: A Reward For Our Actions

Text: 2 Corinthians 5:9 – 11

This world is world of opposites; good or bad, man or woman, love or hatred, selfish or selfless, angry or happy, etc. God gave to man the will to makes choices at creation. “Man’s power of choice enables him to think like an angel or a devil, a king or a slave. Whatever he chooses, mind will create,” so Frederick Bailes. The power to make choices given to man will be his greatest undoing if we misused it.

Paul charges us here to walk well in our Christian life so as to please God because we shall account of ourselves before the judgement seat of Christ, where He, whose religion we profess will judge us according to its precepts and the grace bestowed on us. We need a conviction that we will stand at the judgement seat of Christ, and receive rewards according to the deeds done in the body, prudent and lead lives that will make us acceptable to Him and this is only possible with Christ-like life we are living here.

We note these facts from our scriptural reading.

1) The necessity of the judgement – We must, willing or unwilling

2) The universality of the judgement – We must all be judged

3) We will be judged by Christ – Whose image we ought to conform

4) It will be based on our person actions and inactions – The things done in the body

5) The reason for the judgement – To be punished or rewarded according to our actions.

Beloved, how prepared are you for this soon coming judgement to reward or punish us?

Food for Thought: The rewards you will receive depend on the way you have lived now. Therefore make good use of your time, talent and treasure to the glory of God

Memory verse: 2 Corinthians 5: 10

Prayer: Help me O Lord, to be conscious of the coming judgement so I will live well so as to receive a good reward in Jesus name.


No Excuse (I)


Sunday March 12, 2017

Topic: No Excuse (1)

Text: Revelation 2:1 – 7             

Today and in the next six days, we shall be looking at letters to the seven churches in Asia as we have in the book Revelation. This church at Ephesus had steadfastly refused to tolerate sin among its members. This was not easy in a city noted for immoral sexual practices associated with the worship of Artemis. God noted their patience, not bearing those who were evil and how they tested those who say they were apostles but were not. They were liars (Revelation 2:2).

He acknowledged them for their perseverance and not being wearied in their labours for Him (Revelation 2:3). Yet, He had something against them: They had left their first love for Him (Revelation 2:4). This was a church Paul once praised for their love for God and others (Ephesians 1:15). After the death of foundering members, the next-generation believers lost their zeal for God. They became a busy church to benefit themselves and the community, acting out of the wrong motives. The work for God motivated by love, last long.

We are also living in times of prevalent sin and sexual immorality. In our time, some people are open-minded to sin and calling them personal choices or alternative life-styles. Such societal influence should not be an excuse to join them. However, when the church begins to tolerate sin, it is lowering and compromising the standards set by Christ. Today, we have become too busy to attend church programmes and activities. This is evidence, that we, like the Ephesians, have lost our first love. The moral decadence in our society should not be an excuse to turn against God. That everybody is doing it doesn’t mean you should. Romans 2 verse 1 warns us.

Food for Thought: Have you lost your first love for God as a result of societal influence?

Memory verse: Revelation 2 verse 4

Prayer: Restore me to my first love for you, O God, and help me to reorder my motives in your service in Jesus name. Amen