He Keeps Us On Our Way

This devotion has three promises of God for us as we start this New Year. Read through and find out these promises. Happy New Year


My Daily Covenant with God (2017 Edition) January 1, 2017                    

Topic: He Keeps Us On Our Way   

Text: Exodus 23:20 – 31         

Happy New Year and welcome to 2017! In today’s text is a promise directly from God that He will send His angel to guide His people, Israel through the wilderness to the Promised Land with a condition of obedience attached to it (Exodus 23:21 and 22). How possible would it have been for Israelites to walk through to the Promised Land without God guiding them? That would have been a mission impossible. But God who called them and initiated the movement knew the task ahead and decided to lead them through. They needed courage to continue the journey. God made three promises in 23:20; to send his Angel, to guide His people in the wilderness and to bring them into the Promised Land. These are the three promises God has for you as you start this year that He will send His Angel to go before you throughout the year, to guide and guard you and to bring you promises of good health, peace, progress and all the heavenly blessings. God has made these promises; the fulfilment depends on your ability to keep to the conditions attached to them. Just like He told Joshua, so He is telling you today to “Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Let this assurance from Josh. 1:9 be your courage this year and beyond.

Food for Thought: “The Lord is my Shepherd,” not was, not maybe, not will be. “The Lord is my Shepherd” – is on Sunday, is on Monday, and is through every day of the week; is in January, is in December, and every month of the year; is at home, and is in China; is in peace, and is in war; in abundance and in poverty – Taylor (PowerBible CD)

Memory verse: Exodus 23 verse 20 

Prayer: Pray for the year 2017 and ask for God’s grace, favour, peace and blessings in your life, family and career.


Israelites were afraid of going to possess the Promised Land. But here Moses assures them that they can do it despite the giants in the land. This is the assurance for us as we prepare to enter into the new year. You will crossover.

Devotion for Saturday December 31, 2016

Topic: YOU WILL CROSSOVER                          

Text: Deuteronomy 9:1 – 6                            

The people of Anak were enormous people, some seven to nine feet tall. Goliath, probably a descendant of Anak, was over nine feet tall (1 Samuel 17:4–7). Unfortunately, these great men used their stature as a means of intimidation rather than for noble causes. Their appearance alone frightened the Israelite scouts (Numbers 13:28), and their bad reputation may have been the deciding factor that kept the Israelites out of the land 40 years earlier. Moses used all his persuasive power to convince his people that God could handle these bullies. He used the illustration of God as a devouring fire to motivate them because no giant can stand up against Him.

As this year rounds off today, many of us are apprehensive of what will happen in the New Year. The bills to pay and the uncertainties that lie ahead are like the people of Anak unto some of us. However, God is saying to us today that we will crossover to the New Year and posses all the good things He has packaged for us. Jesus gave us encouraging words in John 14:1, 27. You shouldn’t be fearful of what holds in the New Year neither should you be afraid of not seeing the New Year. God will remove ever obstacle on your way. See you in 2017. Happy New Year in advance!

Food for Thought: Deuteronomy 11:22 – 24

Memory verse: Deuteronomy 9 verse 1

Prayer: Lord, thank you because my future is in your hands. Lead me into what you have purposed for me in Jesus name.


In this devotion, God urges us to call upon Him in the day of trouble and He will answer us. What an assurance!



Text: Psalm 50:7 – 15                      

Many are the afflictions of the righteous but God delivers us from them all so says the Bible. There are days or period we pass through and it will seem as if God has turned His back on us. There will be no answer to prayer. You go to people for help but received nothing. We have heard of cases of suicide because of hardship, problems of life, betrayal, great loss, etc. These are some realities of life people pass through every day. Despite these and many others, they don’t actually call for suicide, rather we should call upon Him at that moment and He will deliver us for a purpose. What is that purpose in our text? When under such condition, we should note that God is still faithful and on the throne.

In situations that seem hopeless in eyes of men, as believers, we should anchor our faith and hope in Christ alone. What the Psalmist is saying here is that obedience is better than sacrifice. When we obey God and call upon Him, He will answer us. He doesn’t base his answering our prayers on sacrifice rather obedience. He says call upon me in time of trouble; be it sickness, attacks, disappointments, failure, fear, lost of loved ones or properties, etc and He will answer. Even as we look forward to a new year with uncertainties, we should look up to God and He will see us through.

Food for Thought: God hears humble, believing, affectionate prayer.

Memory verse: Psalm 50 verse 15

Prayer: God, grant me the courage to always call up you in times of trouble.


In this devotion, we have the promise of God that there will be no more disaster against the Israelites when they turn away from their sins.


Topic: NO MORE DISASTER                         

Text: Zephaniah 3:14 – 20               

Zephaniah was prophesying here about the future of Jerusalem and the day of hope in Zephaniah 3:8–end. Any true prophet as God’s oracle is bound to speak the truth and give the message as God gave it without sentiment, bias or prejudice. Unfortunately, such preaching is lacking in so many pulpits today. The reasons may not be far from these. (1) Some preach to save their job (2) Some preach so as not to offend their members who are wealthy (3) Some preach to please their boss and many more.

In the case of Zephaniah, it was different. He presented the message from God as he received it. He did as God commanded him; thundering certain judgments and horrible punishment for all who would defy the Lord (Zephaniah 1:1ff). However, in our text is a message of hope when God will take away punishment and turn back enemies so there will be no more harm on His people. This message was a relief to the Israelites. After God had done these, He will dwell with them. The prophet called on the Israelites to sing in Zephaniah 3 verse 14 for some reasons. You can find the reasons in Zephaniah 3:8–end.

After the promises of taking away sin, follow promises of taking away trouble. It teaches us that when the cause is removed, the effect will cease. Most times, disaster comes upon us when we follow our own will or do things without first seeking the face of God. However, God is promising here that those things we did in ignorance, He will overlook and take away our disaster. Are you suffering because of sin or not taking time to seek the face of God? God says He will take away that punishment and turn back your enemies. He will rescue and be with you as He has promised, so you will not see any disaster again.

Food for Thought: Isaiah 10:27

Memory verse: Zephaniah 3 verse 15

Prayer: Take away, O Lord, the causes and effect of sin in my life and family in Jesus name.


This devotion teaches us not to allow evil to rule over us rather we should overcome evil with good.



Text: Romans 12:19 – 21                     

Rom. 12:6–21 states how we can live well as Christians. When someone hurts you deeply, instead of retaliating, Paul says you should befriend him. Reasons why we should forgive someone who hurts us are (1) forgiveness can break a cycle of reprisal and lead to mutual reconciliation. (2) It can make the enemy feel ashamed and change his or her ways. (3) By contrast, repaying evil for evil hurts you just as much as it hurts your enemy. You should understand that even if your enemy never repents, forgiving him or her will free you of a heavy load of bitterness. Family Bible Notes says, “Kindness towards enemies is a most likely means of making them friends; and if it does not have this effect, but they continue obstinately and wickedly to be enemies to their benefactors, they will ripen for aggravated ruin.”

We shouldn’t allow evil to rule over us (Gen. 4:6). According to Life Application Notes, “Forgiveness involves both attitudes and actions. If you find it difficult to feel forgiving toward someone who has hurt you, try responding with kind actions. If appropriate, tell this person that you would like to heal your relationship. Lend a helping hand. Send him or her, a gift. Smile at him or her. Many times you will discover that right actions lead to right feelings.” These words are hard to perform for an enemy but that is what will mark you out as a Christian. Anything short puts question mark on your Christianity.

Action: Write down five ways you can conquer evil

Memory verse: Romans 12 verse 21

Prayer: God, I need the grace to develop self-control and conquer evil with good.


Do you have the excuse that your neighbour will never repent that is why you will not preach to him? This devotion calls on us to liberate sinners from the bondage of sin

Devotion for Tuesday December 27, 2016

Topic: A CALL TO LIBERATE                                     

Text: Judges 6:11 – 24                          

God called Gideon to liberate Israel from the hands of Medianites with a promise in Judges 6:16, “I will be with you.” Regardless of all those promises, Gideon still had excuses to give, why he shouldn’t carry out the assignment from God. This is how many of us give excuses on why we cannot go for evangelism or preach to that woman or man; why we cannot take up one responsibility or another in the church of God. God has given us the mandate to liberate sinners from the kingdom of darkness (Matthew 28:19, 20) but many of us have not taken this command seriously. Do you give excuse when your Pastor calls for evangelism? Have a change of heart and attitude.

When Gideon finally went, what followed? Find out in chapter Judges 7:9ff. Our call as Christians is to liberate sinners (Acts 1:8). God has done all things necessary for salvation of man. All that is expected of us is to go and preach. The rest is for God to perform; the conversion and salvation of the person. We are called by God to be witnesses and through that liberate those under the captivity of sin and Satan. Do you have the excuse that your neighbour will never repent that is why you will not preach to him? Do you warn people with love in your heart or you do so that God might not ask of their blood in your hands? Always pray for sinners (Luke 10:2) and you will have the zeal to preach to them.

Food for Thought: Ezekiel 33: 7 – 9

Memory verse: Judges 6 verse 14

Prayer: God, create in my heart a passion and concern for sinners.


Have you been abandoned because of sin by friends and loved ones? Is your past life now haunting you that you have become an object of ridicule because you are unfruitful? This devotion brings hope for you.

Devotion for Monday December 26, 2016

Topic: NO MORE SHAME            

Text: Isaiah 54:1 – 5           

This portion of Isaiah’s prophecy is on the increase of the church through the conversion of the Jews and Gentiles. To be childless is a woman’s great shame and disgrace. Families depend on children for survival, especially when the parents became elderly. Here, God said that Israel (Jerusalem) was unfruitful, like a childless woman, but God would permit her to have many children and change her mourning into singing. This is one thing that the birth of Jesus brought about. God allowed His people to go through this period of unfruitfulness, mockery and shame because of their sin. However, in His compassion and mercy, He is promising them a glorious future devoid of shame and mockery.

Have you been abandoned because of sin by friends and loved ones? Is your past life now haunting you that you have become an object of ridicule because you are unfruitful? Return to God (Hos. 14:1) now, for He is the only one that removes shame. Not only will He remove the shame but He will wipe away the scars on you. Your miracle will spring forth (Isa. 54:2; 2 Kings 4:1–7). That glorious future is now, the dispensation of God’s grace through Christ. He has redeemed us from all the curses that hitherto have brought us shame. This is the period for fruitfulness, which will remove shame. Step into it.

Food for Thought: When God arises for us, nobody remembers our shame.

Memory verse: Isaiah 54 verse 4

Prayer: Arise, O Lord, and wipe out all shame I have suffered in Jesus name.