Utilize Your Talents/Gifts – The Example of Mary

Devotion for Saturday January 13, 2018

Topic: Utilize Your Talents/Gifts – The Example of Mary

Text: Matthew 26:6 – 13

Matthew and Mark didn’t mention the name of this woman that anointed Jesus. It was John that mentioned her name as Mary the sister of Martha and Lazarus of Bethany (John 11:1 – 2). She had a precious oil of great value at home and decided to anoint Jesus with it before His crucifixion and death. Many people who witnessed it including his disciples were indignant about it. They queried the rationale behind such a ‘waste.’ Even if the oil was sold and money given to the poor, what would have the buyer used the oil for? However, Jesus Christ was quick to rebuke them saying that what Mary did was good for the reasons he advanced in Matthew 26:10 – 12. He also quickly added that Mary’s act will become a memorial of her and her name will be mentioned wherever the gospel would be preached. Beloved in Christ, what would have made Mary to become a household name if not for utilizing her gift to serve God? Your story and destiny can still change if you can use what you have to serve God this year. Yours may be your time, strength/power, money, wealth or any other thing with which God has blessed you. As you use any of your gifts or talents in the service of God and humanity, you will certainly be making a memorial for yourself. It will change your destiny and bring you before men. Sing A&M 357; Abu 193

Food for Thought: Using our gifts/talents for the service of God and humanity is the best way to appreciate the giver of the gifts/talents.

Memory verse: Matthew 26:7

Prayer: Lord God, help me to appreciate you, the source of my gifts through serving you and humanity in Jesus name. Amen.


Utilize Your Talents/Gifts – The Example of Peter

Devotion for Friday January 12, 2018

Topic: Utilize Your Talents/Gifts – The Example of Peter

Text: Luke 5:1 – 11

Peter and his colleagues had toiled all night without anything to show for their efforts. Apparently, they were set to go home and rest because they were already washing their nets when Jesus appeared and requested to use their boat. Some people would have seen the request as adding to their frustration because it means they would stay longer. But Peter gave out his boat. He didn’t take time to consider the request. He acted promptly.

Beloved, God is requesting to use that your property for the sake of the gospel. Will you oblige him? After using Peter’s boat, Jesus commanded them to go for a catch. Though Peter, as a professional fisherman tried to bring reason into the command, acted as commanded. The result was amazing and outstanding. It contradicted the laws and principles of fishing. For allowing Jesus use what he has, brought Peter into one on one with Jesus Christ the Saviour of mankind. That turned the story of Peter.

Dear child of God, do you know that making what you have available for the Master’s use can change your life and destiny? Had Peter and his colleagues gone ahead to sell the fish, they would have made fortune out of the catch but they saw a far greater blessing in following Jesus Christ and thus they abandoned all and followed Him. That singular act and decision of Peter changed his life, story and also immortalized his name. Yours can be so if you will give your talent/gift for the Master’s use. Sing SS&S 798; Abu 239

Food for Thought: All we can hold in our cold dead hands is what we have given away. -Sanskrit Proverb

Memory verse: Luke 5:3

Prayer: Lord, as I give in charity and for the gospel what you have used in blessing me, may your blessings come upon me the more in Jesus name. Amen.

Utilize Your Talents/Gifts – The Example of David

Devotion for Thursday January 11, 2018

Topic: Utilize Your Talents/Gifts – The Example of David

Text: 1 Samuel 16:14 – 23

In our clime, a musician was seen as never do well until recently. Most musicians of 1980s back ended up poorly. Then, nobody wants his child to be a musician but it was music that distinguished David and brought him to limelight in Bible days. No talent from God is too small or unworthy to be despised. I once read about a Yoruba woman without a degree that lectures in Harvard on fine art. The gift of that woman made way for her. This was the case of David to as we have in our bible reading for the day. He was skilled in playing musical instrument and when the spirit of God departed from Saul, one of his aides suggested David as one who was skilled in playing music that can calm his melancholy. It was in that service, he rose to prominence in the land of Israel that Saul became envy of him and sought for ways to kill him. The story of David and Saul teaches us that no amount of envy against you and your talent/gifts can stop what God has ordained to be in your life. Are you talented and people are against you in your office, neighbourhood, and school or church that people are now plotting your downfall or how to eliminate you? Their plan cannot work. If Saul didn’t succeed in killing David, they will not succeed in your case. Keep using your gifts and touching lives. God will perfect his words in your life.  Sing A&M 361; Abu 128

Food for Thought: No talent/gift is inconsequential. Therefore use your talent to make name for yourself.

Memory verse: 1 Samuel 16:18

Prayer: Almighty God, grant that I will not undermine the gift in me.



Welcome to 2018! It is very important to inform you on some of the things you can do to make 2018 breathtakingly great for you. Many people desire to have a great year but they are not ready to come out of their comfort zone or change the way they do things.

Beloved, are you hoping that your 2018 will be a better year than your 2017? If you answered yes, then the next question to ask is what have you changed in 2018 in respect of the ways you have been things? If your answer is nothing, then you are probably one of the persons that made Albert Einstein to say this: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. In other words, if you are still doing again the same thing you did in 2017 which probably didn’t yield the desired result, well they may not change.

I therefore strongly encourage you to make the following 8 moves starting today.

1. Write Your Achievements In 2017. This should be an inventory that you will write with pen and paper noting the 12 victories you created in 2017. It should be what you achieved. This is a kind of faith booster that if you won and achieve something last year, you will still win this year. Try and review them regularly especially when you face challenges.

2. Make Your Perfect New Year Plan. I always encourage people to write down what they actually desire their year to be; setting out their dream year in courageous detail. Do not think small here!

3. Set Your 5 Monthly Priorities. These priorities can be personal or professional. Just get them down so your best nature can start sensing opportunities to make them happen. You now have a tool you can use for regular review to keep you mentally focused on the vital few things at a time.

4. Do A Yearly Life Detox Audit. The negative people, the pursuits you dislike and the environments that deplete your joy are costing you fortunes of income and empires of impact. They can also deplete your commitment and dedication to your priorities. They are success robbers that should be deleted from your life. This will help you to become the person you truly want to be.

5. Spend 60-Minute To Learn Daily. Spending 60 minutes every day learning and growing is an absolute game-changer. The more you know, the better you can do and the faster you’ll grow, the higher you’ll fly. Schedule a daily period to invest in your personal development and mastery of your craft. Build this right into your daily schedule for the next 90 days. Note that the things that get scheduled are the things that get done.

6. Create Your Morning Declaration. Write a statement of few paragraphs to remind yourself of who you are at your best, how you wish to live each day and what you vow to stand for in the world. Reciting this aloud when you first wake up will revive your brain and heart which will be a tonic and a motivator. This will also help you to delete negativity and bring on your audacity.

7. Take Time To Have Fun. You know that life is too short to be too serious. Yes, it can be tough. Sure, unexpected events happen. Definitely, our great hopes can sometimes be destroyed. Yet, there is so much striking beauty in the world and you have such good in your life and around you. As unexpected events happen, keep doing your best and remember that vast blessings are definitely on their way. Again take time to have fun with your family and “good” friends. This will keep you going after hopes have been dashed.

8. Keep a journal. A journal is different from a diary. In journal you write positive and negative life lessons you learn on daily basis and do a weekly review of same. This will help you to avoid repeating mistakes and also help you to focus on the areas you are good.

I hope this will be useful to you as you pray and plan for your year. I wish you a great and rewarding 2018. Thanks to Robin Sharma (my mentor) and Vic Johnson for making me better

I remain your friend and fan,


Utilize Your Talent/Gifts – The Example of Joseph

Devotion for Wednesday January 10, 2018

Topic: Utilize Your Talent/Gifts – The Example of Joseph

Text: Genesis 40:5 – 23

Joseph’s gift/talent was to dream and interpret the dreams. He was not stingy with that gift. He dreamt about his brothers bowing to him as a king and another time his parents bowing to him. His dreams elicited hatred from his brothers who sold him into slavery. But being a slave didn’t stop him from using his talents even while in prison, he interpreted the dream of Pharaoh’s servant. Some people would have ignored those servants but not Joseph. He showed concern towards their sadness and inability to understand their dreams. When they told him about their dreams, he gave the right interpretation. His appeal that chief butler should remember him was ignored but he continued his life until another opportunity came when Pharaoh dreamt and there was no interpreter. Then he was remembered. His gift sorted him out and he came out from prison to become a Prime Minister in a foreign land. The way you use your gift matters to God and humanity. God who gave you that gift expects you to use it to serve Him and humanity, and until you begin to use them it cannot manifest the more and bring you before men. If Joseph had shown indifference to the fellow prisoners, when the need arose for an interpreter, he wouldn’t have been remembered. Therefore put your gift into use and it will sort you out. Sing SS&S 1138, Abu 240

Food for Thought: Talent without tact is only half talent – Horace Greeley.

Memory verse: Genesis 41:13

Prayer: God, help me to utilize the gift you gave me just as Joseph did and let it bring me before great men in Jesus name. Amen.

Utilize Your Gifts

Devotion for Tuesday January 9, 2018

Topic: Utilize Your Gifts

Text: Proverbs 18:16

Gifts are something bestowed on us. If we can afford such thing, we can’t call it a gift. The author of Proverbs says the gift of a man and not the wealth. This gift can be talent, wisdom, knowledge, craft, art, etc. The gift makes way for the owner and brings him or her before great men. From this verse of the scripture, there are three things we should note of. 1) Every man has a gift. This truth is illustrated in the parable Jesus gave about talents in Matthew 25:14 – 30. There was no servant without a talent. Though some of the servants had more talents than other servants, none was left without one. 2) Talents are meant to be utilized. In that same parable, the king condemned the servant that didn’t utilize the talent he received. For every talent God has given to us, we must utilize them or else on the day of reckoning, we will be condemned for not using them. 3) When we use them, it brings us before kings. A look at that parable in Matthew 25:14 – 30 shows us the reward of using our talents. Those that used theirs were brought before the king for commendation and reward while the man that hid his talent was condemned and cast out into a place of regret.  In the days ahead, we will look at some examples of those that used their talents and how it brought them before kings. What are your gifts/talents? How are you utilizing them? Sing A&M 331, Abu 109

Food for Thought: “Concealed talent brings no reputation” – Erasmus.

Memory verse: Matthew 25:20

Prayer: Heavenly Father, help me to utilize my gifts and may they bring me before great men in Jesus name. Amen

Hoarding Attracts Curses

Devotion for Monday January 8, 2018

Topic: Hoarding Attracts Curses

Proverbs 11:26

Part of our scriptural reading yesterday says, “And there is one who withholds more than is right, but it leads to poverty” – Proverbs 11:24b.  Our text today expatiates on that. Hoarding as we have in our text can mean two things – hoarding goods in anticipation of price increase or one who is a miser that cannot give out what he or she has. The earlier meaning is very common in our country. We have witnessed it among petroleum marketers and other traders especially those that sell food stuffs. Their aim is to make much gain but the bible says that they are under curse. People will curse them and blessing will be upon those that sell. Do our Christian brothers and sisters who create artificial scarcity through hoarding read this passage of the scripture? If they do and still continue to partake in evil, I wonder their kind of Christianity. On the other hand, when you hoard your seed, talent, gifts and wealth, the person is invariably incurring curse upon himself or herself. We know that extortion is sin but the worst extortionist is he who takes advantage of a public calamity to fill his own coffers at the expense of the poor. This should not be seen among Christians. So many Petrol stations lock up on Sundays but check their dispensing meter on Monday morning. They have adjusted it to make gains yet they were in the church the previous day. Beloved, avoid the curse of men and heaven by doing what is right. Sing A&M 184

Food for Thought: Do you hoard your wares for sale; your gifts, your talents and wealth? Repent to avoid curses.

Memory verse: Proverbs 11:26

Prayer: Almighty God, grant that I will not hoard my wares for sale, gifts, talents and wealth in Jesus name. Amen.