Why Are You Crying?


Devotion for Thursday June 8, 2017                  

Topic: Why Are You Crying?                                                           

Text: John 20:15

When God does something for us, we should be grateful for such blessing, received. Mary Magdalene demonstrated such character. She ministered to Jesus Christ with her substance (Luke 8:3). Jesus casted out seven demons from her and as act of gratitude to her great Deliverer, she became His follower. She was committed to serving Christ with total sincerity of heart and it paid off for her. When other women left the tomb disappointed, she stayed back crying at the tomb perhaps waiting to get information on what had happened. Her staying back paid off as Jesus appeared and spoke to her (John 20: 15a).

The first question Jesus asked Mary was an expression of kindly sympathy. The second question seems to suggest that He knew the cause of her grief. This is the character of Jesus; not only sympathetic but also empathetic about our situations (Hebrews 2:18; 4:15 and 16). His appearance comforted Mary. God will comfort you also on that, which is the cause of your sorrow and grief at the moment.

You may be crying because of what you are presently passing through or people might have mocked or abused you. Maybe you have made frantic efforts to succeed in life and nothing seems to work for you. Maybe you are in the hospital and there is no headway about your healing and now you have resorted to crying. Never mind, it is not and never too late with Jesus, except you haven’t invited Him into the matter. He has solutions to your problems. He has answer for you. Just keep trusting Him.

Food for Thought: 2 Corinthians 1: 3 & 4

Memory verse: John 20 verse 15b

Prayer: Pray for God’s comfort concerning that protracted problem that makes you cry often and again.

To Be Saved Is Very Simple 


Devotion for Wednesday June 7, 2017                

Topic: To Be Saved Is Very Simple                                        

Text: Luke 23:40 – 43            

Some people believe that salvation offered by Christ is very hard to obtain. People who know that armed robber who Jesus forgave on the Cross of Calvary would have concluded that he went to hell fire. Those he robbed would have wished he went to hell to suffer in hell fire for all the atrocities he committed. This is how most of us condemn and conclude wrongly. We should be careful because on the last day we will be disappointed when we see the people that made heaven and hell at last. My desire is that we will make heaven in Jesus name. Paradise is the place where the souls of the righteous remain after death till the resurrection. It is a place of blessedness. On the cross, the evil doer, who believed in Christ received forgiveness and was granted access to paradise. This goes to confirm what Paul said in Rom. 10:10. From this passage we should note that there is future and eternal state into which all souls pass at death. It takes surrendering your life to Christ, believing in His death and resurrection to be saved. The thief made that simple prayers and God was merciful to him. Are your sins too many and you think God cannot forgive you? There is no sin He cannot forgive when we truly and sincerely turn to Him. The expectation from you is repentance. It was so simple for the Jailer and his family (Acts 16:30–33). It will be so simple for you if only you could believe and accept Him today.

Food for Thought: We receive salvation when we believe in our hearts and confess it with our mouth.

Memory verse: Luke 23 verse 43

Prayer: Pray about your salvation. If you have received Christ pray it will be permanent. If not, repent and surrender your life to Him now.

He Is Abundantly Able


Devotion for Monday June 5, 2017

Topic: He Is Abundantly Able

Text: Romans 4:21

“God is able, abundantly able to deliver and to save those who trust in Him,” so says a song writer. God is able to perform what He has said. He fulfilled the promises He made in the scriptures. Where He did not fulfil it, may be the person to receive it compromised or failed on his part as in the case of Eli (1 Sam. 2:30). As we read yesterday, Abraham didn’t waver because of his strong belief that God is able to fulfil His promises (Romans 4:21). He was firmly persuaded of God’s ability to fulfil His promises. Do you easily shake when you come to the curves of life? Abraham was certain that God not only could, but would do what He promised. We should know that this was not the only time Abraham clearly showed this kind of confidence in God. His faith was equally implicit and strong when God commanded him to go and sacrifice his promised son (Hebrews 11:19). Beloved of Christ, God is able to perform what He promised (Luke 1:37). What is that He cannot do? What you can achieve depends on what you believe. Do you actually believe God for what you are asking from Him? You should be fully persuaded that God is able to do it. It may have taken a lot of time but it is never late with God. You should live by believing in God and not by debating or arguing about His ability because with Him, all things are possible. Debating whether God can do it or not is a mark of unbelief. Just trust God for He would do it for you (Ps 4:5; 9:10 and 25:2).

Food for Thought: All we have seen, read and heard are enough to persuade us that God can do that which we ask of Him.

Memory verse: Romans 4 verse 21

Prayer: God, grant me an implicit faith to trust you for all my needs.

Don’t Waver In Faith


Devotion for Sunday June 4, 2017

Topic: Don’t Waver in Faith

Text: Romans 4:20

To waver is to fluctuate between possibilities, to change opinion or to move in different directions. There are many things that can make us waver in faith – doubt, delay in receiving the promises and blessings of God, fear, intimidation, abuse, neglect, etc. Of a truth, everyone who comes to God expects His blessings. His blessings of favour, protection, providence, open doors, fruitfulness, etc. Delay or outright denial has led many to waver and backslide.

Abraham never doubted that God would fulfil His promise. We saw in Abraham’s life mistakes, sins, and failures as well as wisdom and goodness, but he consistently trusted God. His faith was strengthened by the obstacles he faced, and his life was an example of faith in action. He constantly looked up to God in times of challenges, obeyed him, and waited for God to fulfil His word. Abraham is known as father of faith because of what he endured before he received the promise of God.

You may be passing through hard times now. People may be asking, why you have not received the promises God made to you despite your faithfulness and commitment. You may be over 40 years and no prospective husband coming. You may have been in labour market for over 10 years and no job. You may have written Ordinary level exams for over 7 years and no success. It should not make you waver in faith. Your salvation is the most important thing. However, God is not asleep. He did it for Abraham; He will do it for you.

Food for Thought: There is no royal road to anything. That which grows fast withers as rapidly; that which grows slowly endures. – J.G. Holland

Memory verse: Romans 4 verse 20

Prayer: God, strengthen my faith amidst trials and uncertainties of life.

You Will Not Be Ashamed


Devotion for Friday June 2, 2017

Topic: You Will Not Be Ashamed

Text: Psalm 37:18 – 20

Famine and war are two things that we should not experience. It is my prayer they will not come to us in Jesus name. We saw few days ago dangers and consequences of famine. It leads to stealing, killing, covetousness and all manner of crimes. Famine can come as a result of sin, war, natural disaster or God’s intent to manifest His glory. From whichever way famine might come, God has a way of taking care of His people and taking away shame as our text suggests.

The story of Elijah and the widow of Zarephath (1 Kings 17:8 – 16) is a true case. Elijah was not disappointed. We should know that when we are faithful in what God commits into our hands, He will always take care of whatever consequences that may arise. Sometimes calamities will come, but deliverance will come also. The righteous are never immune from trouble. When it happens and they call upon God, He will prove his faithfulness and love.

Beloved, if God’s providence is our inheritance, we need not worry about famine or escalating prices of food items as it was when I was writing. The barrel of meal and cruse of oil lasted out the days of famine for widow of Zarephath and if ravens do not bring your bread and meat, your supply shall come in some other ways. Have this assurance as He has promised to help us (Isa. 41:10, 13 & 14). Read Psalmist’s assurance in Ps. 37:25 and stand by it also.

Food for Thought: Providence knows what we need better than we do.

Memory verse: Psalm 37 verse 19

Prayer: God, provide all I need through your providence in time of trouble or famine.

Share The Good News


Devotion for Thursday June 1, 2017

Topic: Share The Good News

Text: 2 Kings 7:9

Christianity is all about compassion from God to Man and from Man to Man. Anything short of this is not the true Christianity. As a Christian, if you don’t have compassion on your fellow Christians or even your enemies, your Christianity is incomplete and you are not worthy to be called a Christian.

After these lepers have eaten and drunk, they realized that it would not be the right thing to enjoy the food and drinks alone (2 Kings 7:9). Do you eat and enjoy alone? Repent from it and learn how to share with others. The lepers went and told the gatekeepers of the city because they were not allowed into the city. The gatekeepers in turn told the King. The King doubted the fact that the Syrians had left. This is how we doubt when God is at work at times but my prayer is that God will surprise you this season. The lepers discovered the deserted camp and realized their lives had been spared. At first they kept the good news to themselves, forgetting their fellow citizens, who were starving in the city. They had a compassionate heart which made them to go back into the city with the good news.

The Good News about Jesus Christ must be shared, too, for no news is more important in this our present generation. We must not forget those who are dying without it. We must not become so preoccupied with our own faith that we neglect sharing it with those around us. We shouldn’t “wait until morning.” Today, determine to be compassionate and to show kindness to someone by sharing with him/her the gospel of Christ. Make it part of your life to share with others the gospel.

Action: Reach someone with the Gospel today. Don’t disappoint God.

Memory verse: 2 Kings 7 verse 9

Prayer: God, grant me a compassionate and charitable heart to share my blessings with others especially the Good news of the kingdom.

Rejoice With Me

This was the Lord’s doing; it is marvellous in our eyes that I am celebrating after over 7 major surgical operations. God I am very grateful


Devotion for Wednesday May 31, 2017

Topic: Rejoice With Me

Text: Psalm 118:1 – 24

There are days when the last thing we want to do is rejoice. On such days our mood is down, our situation is out of hand, and our sorrow or guilt is overwhelming. On such day, we will wish death to come and take us but not so on a day like this for me and my family.

This psalm is the last of ‘Hallel’ or Praise psalms (Ps 113 – 118). It is caption Praise for Deliverance. There are things God does for us that we cannot keep quiet about. Here, the Psalmist called on us to give thanks to God (118:1) for his mercies (118:1 – 4). He recounted how he called on the Lord and He answered (118:5). This boosted his confidence in God to assert that he will not fear man. This made him to call on us to put our confidence in God and not man. For what God did for him, he called on those who love God, to rejoice with him.

In the same way, I am calling on those who love God to rejoice with me because of what God had done in my life. Today, I am celebrating my 50th Birthday. I never knew I would be alive due to the waters, rivers and fires of life I had passed through. Nobody who saw me in the year 2003 would believe that I would be alive to see this day but my prayer then had been Ps 118:17.

Today, I have every reason to rejoice and I say to God, “Open to me the gates of righteousness; I will go through them, and I will praise the Lord. I will praise you, for you have answered me, and have become my salvation. This was the Lord’s doing; it is marvellous in our eyes. This is the day the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. Join me on Saturday 3rd June 2017 in a Birthday Thanksgiving Service at Cathedral Church of St. Peter Asaba by 10:00am. God bless you.

Food for Thought: Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever.

Memory verse: Psalm 118 verse 24

Prayer: Join me to thank God for my life and pray for more mercies and grace upon my life and family on this my birthday.