God Controls Nature


Devotion for Tuesday May 30, 2017

Topic: God Controls Nature

Text: 2 King 7:5 – 8

There is nothing God created that He cannot use to glorify His name and fight His enemies. He can use wind, water, animals and many more. We have all over the Bible how God used nature to glorify Himself.

In our scriptural reading, God used noise to scare the enemies of Israel away because He was touched by the suffering of His people. The noise, the Syrian army heard threw them into panic and confusion; they imagined they were about to be attacked by powerful auxiliaries, which the King of Israel had hired against them. It was a great miracle which God wrought directly to deliver His people. The Syrian left their belongings including foods, and ran for their lives (2 Kings 7:7).

Geneva Bible Notes affirms that “God needs no great preparation to destroy the wicked. Though they are many He can scatter them with a small noise, or shaking of a leaf.” God is the one that fights for us (Exodus 14:14; Deuteronomy 1:30; 20:4). Have the enemies laid siege against you and you are now in distress? Are enemies threatening your life in your office or neighbourhood? God is the one who can use anything to defend, protect and save His people. Call upon Him. Remember He controls the hornet. Just keep trusting Him because He can use any of His creatures for our own good.

Food for Thought: There is nothing impossible with our God.

Memory verse: 2 Kings 7 verse 6

Prayer: Fight for me, O Lord, against all the plans of the enemies against my life and my family.

Signs Of True Christianity


Devotion for Tuesday May 23, 2017

Topic: Signs Of True Christianity                                   

Text: Colossians 3:12 – 17                                                                             

When the early followers of Christ exhibited some characters in Antioch, they were easily called Christians – Christ-like (Acts 11:26). Christian should be known by their character. No wonder Jesus challenged us to shine as light and live as salt (Matt. 5:13 – 16). He also urged us to love one another (Jn. 14:34 & 35).

Here, Paul urged us to put on virtues that will single us out as God’s elect; virtues that speak for us as true believers. How many virtues did he mention in this text? God’s elect here means chosen, set apart, sanctified or consecrated. Christians are requested to put on these virtues; tender mercies, kindness, humility, meekness, longsuffering, etc, as the regalia with which we should be known. As God’s elect we should manifest spirit of kindness, gentleness, and love towards Christians and non-Christians.

Sadly, this is not so among us. We love only those we know; contrary to what the Bible says. What do you exhibit as mark of your Christianity? Do you show tender mercies as a Christian? Are you kind, humble, meek, showing longsuffering, bearing with one another, and forgiving one another even as Christ forgave you? Are you among the people who wear long garment, carry the biggest bible or attend all church programmes to be noticed when you are a wolf in your neighbourhood? How do you treat people when they offend you? Do you show longsuffering when offended? Search yourself and repent before it will be late. Show your Christianity by exhibiting true virtues everywhere you go.

Food for Thought: Kindness has converted more sinners than zeal or eloquence.

Memory verse: Colossians 3 verse 12

Prayer: God, grant me the grace to develop true character of a Christian.

Faith And Action: Two Sides Of The Coin


Devotion for Saturday May 20, 2017

Topic: Faith And Action: Two Sides Of The Coin                      

Text: James 1:22

Faith without work is dead so says James in Jas 2:26. For anyone to become a faithful Christian, he/she must developed faith as a virtue in personal life and works. Today, Abraham is called the father of the faithful because by his works he proved his faith. God didn’t tell him where to go, but by the instruction to leave his father land, he left (Gen 12:4). Many of us today will argue with God to tell us where He is sending us. Great heroes and heroines of the Scriptures attained that status because of the faith they demonstrated in their walk with God. Faith goes with action. Both are two sides of coin you can’t do without.  You cannot say you believe in God but has nothing to prove what you actually believed in. It must be substantiated with actions.

James tells us that we should always substantiate our faith by doing what we hear in the word of God. Albert Barnes says “If a man supposes that by a mere punctual attendance on preaching, or a respectful attention to it, he has done all that is required of him, he is labouring under a most gross self- deception.” Unfortunately these words of Barnes are true in the life of some Christians today. They are utterly regardless whether these words have any influence on their lives or not. This is mere hypocrisy. There must be a corresponding action to the faith we confess. We have so many church denominations but its effects are not seen in our daily lives. If we say we are Christians, we should be justified by our action not by our confession alone (Matt.7:21; Lk 11:28 & Rom. 2: 13).

Food for Thought: Is your faith justified by your confession and action

Memory verse: James 1 verse 22

Prayer: Lord God, make me a doer of your word and not hearer alone.

It Happened As God Said It

Every miracle starts with a step of faith. Elijah gave the word of God to this widow of Zarephath and she believed, took a step of faith and there was miracle.


Devotion for Monday March 6, 2017

Topic: It Happened As God Said It

Text: 1 King 17:8 – 16

God’s word that has been spoken doesn’t go back to Him without fulfilling the purpose for which it was sent (Isa. 55:11). God confirmed what He said through Elijah the prophet in 1 Kings 17:14. This widow of Zarephath thought she was preparing her last meal when Elijah met her but her simple act of faith produced an unprecedented miracle. She trusted Elijah and gave out all she would have eaten.

Faith is a step between promise and assurance. When we have feeble faith, miracles seem so out of reach. Every miracle, large or small, begins with an act of obedience. Solution to our problems may not come until we take the first step of faith. God expects this from us. When we take God’s word to heart by faith it opens the gate to miracle.

Most people don’t believe the word of God because the name used there is not theirs but Abraham, Moses, Hannah, Elizabeth, Samuel, etc. To get the real blessing from the bible, we have to fix our names where there is a name. Where it speaks good things, you will learn and where it speaks evil you will receive warning. Whatever God has spoken about you, just believe and act in obedience. Is it about your salvation, marriage, studies, job, imprisonment, children, fruit of the womb, etc? It will surely come to pass.

Food for Thought: Isaiah 45:23

Memory verse: 1 Kings 17 verse 16

Prayer: Lord God, as you speak to me through your word, grant me the grace to act on them so it will be fulfilled in Jesus name.

Be An Observable Model (In Fellowship)

This devotion teaches on the need to continue to have fellowship with other believers.


Devotion for Monday February 6, 2017

Topic: Be An Observable Model (In Fellowship)

Text: 1 John 1:1 – 7

The believers devoting themselves to the apostles’ teaching (Acts 2:42) implies that they were continually persisting regularly in the activities of the apostles which included breaking of bread and teaching sessions. These activities form a practical map for not only the day-old church but for any church of any age. From the beginning the early church was devoted to hearing, studying, and learning what the apostles had to teach. Such coming together of believers is usually referred to as fellowship.

The fellowship (koinonia) means association and close relationships. This involved sharing goods, having meals together, and praying together. Sharing in the Lord’s Supper refers to communion services that were celebrated in remembrance of Jesus and patterned after the Last Supper, which Jesus had eaten with His disciples before His death (Matt 26:26-29). It likely included a regular meal shared together (Acts 2:46; 20:7; 1 Cor. 10:16; 11:23-25; Jude 1:12). Prayer is joined with the expression “sharing in the Lord’s Supper” to explain the word ‘fellowship.’ Prayer has always been a mark of the believers’ gatherings. How often do you attend fellowship of believers?

Do you see it as a delight coming together with other believers? In Ps 133:1, the Psalmist said, “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!” This is what God expects from us. We should not neglect it. We should be a model with our regular attendance to church activities and programmes.

Food for Thought: Do you attend church programmes and activities regularly?

Memory verse: Acts 2:42 – And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.

Prayer: Make me more regular to Church activities and programmes, O Lord my God in Jesus name. Amen

Be An Observable Model (In Actions)


Devotion for Friday February 3, 2017

Topic: Be An Observable Model (In Actions)         

Text: 2 Thessalonians 3:6 – 10    

Here, Paul warned about laziness. He made it clear that they were models when he and his companions were in Thessalonica, saying that they worked hard, buying what they needed rather than becoming a burden to any of the believers. Their rule was, “Whoever does not work should not eat.” This should be the standard of every Christian. Is it pleasing that as a Christian, you should be a burden to people? It is absolutely wrong for us to fold our hand and continue to wait for supply from other people. This is the reason behind Paul’s warning in 3:6. See his example in 2 Cor. 11:9, Acts 18:3 and 1 Thessalonians. 2:9.

Most Christians confuse leisure and laziness but there are differences between them. Relaxation and recreation provide a necessary and much needed balance to our life; but when it is time to work, Christians should jump right in. We should make the most of our talent and time, doing all we can to provide for ourselves and our dependents. Rest when you should be resting and work when you should be working.

Be a model for others the way you work to provide for your family and other dependants. Don’t bring shame to God and His church by lazing about in pretence that you are going for prayers, going for evangelism while your family is dying of hunger. Don’t be a burden to others and the church. That is how you can be a model.

Action: Start doing something from today if you don’t have any job. It may not be what you wanted but from there God will take you to where you will be.

Memory verse: Acts 20:34 – You yourselves know that these hands ministered to my necessities and to those who were with me (ESV).

Prayer: Bless the works of my hands O Lord and give job to those in need so we can’t become burden to people.

Be An Observable Model (In Utterances)


Devotion for Thursday February 2, 2017

Topic: Be An Observable Model (In Utterances)         

Text: Matthew 12:35 – 37   

Today and in the next five days, we shall be looking at some observable models from the scriptures; expected of us, that will challenge us to live well to the glory of God. Jesus posited that Christians are light of the world and salt of the earth which by implication demands that we should be models for the world. We shall, in these five days, look at some of the areas we can model our lives of worthy characters from the scriptures.

Ecclesiastics 5:2 says, “Do not be rash with your mouth, and let not your heart utter anything hastily before God. For God is in heaven and you on earth; therefore let your words be few.” This is a great advice for whosoever wants to be a model in terms of spoken words.

In our text Jesus reminds us that what we say exposes the thoughts in our heart. According to Life Application Notes, What comes from our mouth “Is an indication of what is in your heart. You can’t solve your heart problem, however, just by cleaning up your speech. You must allow the Holy Spirit to fill you with new attitudes and motives; then your speech will be cleansed at its source.”

Are the words that come out of your mouth good enough to edify people (1 Timothy 4:12)? Are you the type that doesn’t have control over your mouth? Remember that “In the multitude of words sin is not lacking, but he who restrains his lips is wise – Proverbs 10:19.

Food for Thought: A vessel is known by the sound, whether it be cracked or not; so men are proved, by their speech, whether they be wise or foolish. –Demosthenes.

Memory verse: Proverbs 10:19

Prayer: Help me O Lord to be a model with the words of my mouth that the words of my mouth will be pleasing to you in Jesus name. Amen.