When a society is morally bankrupt, you can hardly get someone to stand out for God. In such case, God will vent His anger on the people because in a situation where morality is no more found, you can hardly get someone to intercede. This devotions calls on us to stand out in our generation and be at the gap to avert God’s anger on us.


STAND IN THE GAP: Devotion for Monday October 3, 2016

Text: Ezekiel 22:23 – 31      Memory verse: Ezekiel 22 verse 30

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Whatever we do as leaders or priest will always have effect on the people we lead whether good of bad. If only we hope to make great impacts on the people we lead, we should be very cautious of what we do; the kind of policies we introduce and the kind of advice we receive from people. When wicked leaders collaborate with wicked and false prophets, and priests to ruin a nation and corrupt its faith and practices through false doctrines, ungodliness and iniquity, it will bring unbearable consequences because it will definitely permeate the masses.

This is the case in this our country and most other countries of the world. Unfortunately, the deceiver and the deceived cannot escape God’s anger. At the revelation of His anger, the people with their rulers and teachers will become like briers and thorns ready to be consumed by the fire of His wrath. None of them will be spared. That is the extend God can go in dealing with us in His anger.

As Christians who fear God, we should unite to promote His truth and righteousness; as wicked men of every rank and profession plot together to run them down. This is what is expected of us if only we can make our world a better place for all of us to live in. A situation where we who ought to be bearers of light turn out to become agents of darkness will at the long run receive the wrath of God.

When the society is morally bankrupt, it will be hard to see anyone who seeks the face of God in fasting and prayers. This was the reason God expressed sadness over the situation in 22:30. God sought for a man that would stand in the gap; that would faithfully exhort, reprove and counsel, with all long-suffering and doctrine because there was a serious breach made in the moral state and feeling of the people. But none was to be found! Today, most of us instead of standing at the gap because of the moral decadence in our society, we resort to joining them or complaining. We should stand at the gap always for that is what God expects from us.

Food for Thought: Isaiah 59:16

Prayer: Lord, grant me the grace I need to stand at the gap always for my family and my nation in Jesus name.

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