The Divine Pleasure


Devotion for Friday July 21, 2017

Topic: The Divine Pleasure

Text: Luke 12:27 – 32

In the earlier part of this discourse (Luke 12:4), Jesus had called his disciples “my friends.” He had told them of the troubles of life which awaits them, but at the same time wished to show them how dear they were to Him. Jesus told them to endure trials, lack of necessities and temptations that might come their way for His sake and for the glorious future that awaits them.

Again, He assured them that God will meet their needs (Luke 12:22 – 31). God’s ability to provide does not exempt His people from the common calamities of life. In some respects, they are more exposed to calamities than other people. They have reason therefore to fear, no wonder His words in John 14:1.

The underling fact in our text is that God has provided for them a Kingdom. The glory of it cannot be expressed or conceived, nor will the duration of it ever end (Hebrews 12:28). He has given them this kingdom as their inheritance. The Kingdom is worth making a priority (Luke 12:31) because God will give it to those who faithfully follow Him.

The Kingdom is a certain reality, so God’s people need not to be afraid. Jesus went to prepare a Kingdom for us; a place of blessedness, where evil is fully overcome and where those who live there know only happiness, peace and joy. God’s desire and divine pleasure is for you to be part of His Kingdom. How are you preparing to be part of it?

Food for thought: If God could give up His Son to die for us, will it be a hard thing for Him to give us His Kingdom?

Memory verse: Luke 12:32

Prayer: Lord God, grant me the grace to be part of your Kingdom in Jesus name Amen.

A Compassionate God


Devotion for Thursday July 20, 2017

Topic: A Compassionate God

Text: Luke 7:11 – 17

The city of Nain was about twenty five miles from Capernaum and Jesus travelled that long distance to bring comfort to sorrowing widow. Distance is not a barrier to Jesus in terms of solving problems. Jesus and the crowd following Him met the widow and her crowd as she was going to bury her only child. The Author of life (Acts 3:15) will meet with your dead situation in Jesus name.

Jesus’ compassion for the widow shows His soft spot and care for widows, the needy, the down trodden and people who are hurt. God is the father of the fatherless and the defender of widows who trust in Him. They are under His special care and protection (Exodus 22:22 – 23; Deuteronomy 10:18 and Psalm 149:9). When Jesus saw the widow following her dead son to the grave site, He had compassion on her and restored the dead son back to life.

Christ has concern for the mourners and the miserable that put their trust in Him and often provides them with the blessings of His goodness. Love made Him to undertake the work of our redemption (Isa 63:9). What a pleasing idea it gives us of the compassion of the Lord Jesus and His tender mercies. That is His nature. Adam and Eve sinned and went for leaves of fig tree but in His nature, He made clothes with Goat skin for them. They didn’t request for it. He knew what they needed and the ones that were best for them. So He knows what the best things for you. By virtue of His compassion He will remember and provide for you. Just be patient with God.

Food for Thought: God’s bosom is filled with pity and He pours it into a wounded spirit to console it, causing it to sing for joy.

Memory verse: Luke 7:13

Prayer: Lord, meet me at the point of my need with your comfort and mercies.

How To Be Privy To God’s Secret


Devotion for Wednesday July 19, 2017

Topic: How To Be Privy To God’s Secret

Text: Genesis 18:17

Friends and loved ones share secrets. It takes people who have given themselves to each other to know the deep things about one another. You cannot meet someone for the first time and start telling the person about your life and some secrets about yourself. The intimacy would have grown or developed before you open up.

David and Jonathan son of Saul were two great friends (1 Samuel 18:1). Jonathan revealed his father’s plan to kill David to him (1 Samuel 19:2) because they were true friends.

Abraham found favour in the eyes of God and their friendship grew in lips and bounds. God spoke with him and always direct him on what to do. God didn’t want to hide anything from Abraham because he had endeared himself to Him for some reasons.

(1) Abraham had a covenant with God (Genesis 17:2)

(2) Abraham obeyed God and kept to the terms of the covenant (Hebrews 11:8)

(3) God saw the faithfulness of his heart

(4) God saw that Abraham would certainly pass on to his generations unborn the mysteries of God (Genesis 18:17)

God charged us in Jeremiah 33:3 to call to Him and He will reveal thing we do not know. God can reveal His secrets to s when we are in right relationship with Him. What is your relationship with God? Do you obey His words and faithfully walk with Him? To be privy of heaven’s decision and plans, you should befriend God, having constant fellowship with Him.

Food For Thought: Those who live in communion with God will always have insight into the present and future.

Memory verse: Genesis 18:17

Prayer: Lord God, draw me closer and closer to yourself daily and always reveal to me your will for my life in Jesus name.

Have The Mindset of Christ


Devotion for Tuesday July 18, 2017

Topic: Have The Mindset of Christ

Text: Philippians 3:15 – 16

The word mature as used in our text was translated perfect in King James Version. It implies full grown, as opposed to babes or children. Full grown here is used for me and women who are grounded in the word of God (1 Corinthians 14:20 compare Hebrews 5:12 – 14).

The mature in this context means striving for perfection and not perfection. Our mindset determines our perspective of issues, the way we react and respond to issues. The mind factor here had to do with maturity; showing perfect love and manifesting itself in perfect humility through Christ.

Paul exhorts the full grown Christians to imitate His perseverance, urging them to forsake any claim to legal righteousness. He charged them to seek that righteousness which is through faith of Christ so as to know Christ; to win Christ and to press ever forward to obtain the prize. For us the present day Christians, the mindset Paul expects us to develop is having deep personal desire for a daily experience with God and the pursuit to be like Christ. It should be an experience that can give vitality and meaning to life.

To attain maturity expected of us in this Christian race, we should focus on knowing Christ the more (Philippians 3:8), having righteousness of Christ (Philippians 3:9) and desiring moral transformation which leads to encounter with the resurrection power (Philippians 3:10). This should be our concern as we race towards heaven.

Food for Thought: Christians must live like Christ or nothing else

Memory verse: Philippians 3:15

Prayer: Lord God, help me to have the mind of Christ which is love, obedience and humility

The Severity and Goodness of God


Devotion for Monday July 17, 2017

Topic: The Severity and Goodness of God

Text: Romans 11:22

Severity in this context means strictness or sternness. God in His powers and wisdom decided to put Israel aside for a time and offer salvation through faith to the world. This was a severe act but it was done in judgement to those that disobeyed (Romans 9:32 – 33). He has shown kindness to the Gentiles believers but Gentile believers must continue to trust in His kindness.

Trusting in His kindness refers to steadfast perseverance in faith. They should continually and penitently depend on Christ. Steadfastness is a proof of the reality of faith. If Gentile believers do not continue in perseverance in faith, they will be cut off, just as the natural branches (Israel) were cut off because of unbelief. God’s sternness (severity) was demonstrated to show us that faith was not automatic for the chosen people and His kindness was demonstrated in providing Gentiles with the opportunity for faith. This goes to show that we shouldn’t undermine what God can do.

As we are presently enjoying His grace, let us bear in mind that He is severe and can punish any act of disobedience and disloyalty. God is no respecter of any person. He is a consuming fire. When we fall on Him, we will be crushed and when He falls on us, there will be no remedy as we will grinded. Therefore, we should hold God in awe and obey His commands. That He is good does not mean that He can tolerate our disobedience and misconduct.

Food for Thought: Justice and mercy, goodness and severity are attributes or qualities eminently found in God

Memory verse: Romans 11:22

Prayer: God, grant me and all Christians the understanding that you are severe against disobedience and sin in Jesus name.

Obeying God Courageously

Synopsis of My Sermon at Cathedral Church of St. Peter Asaba today 16th July, 2017

Topic: Obeying God Courageously           

Text: Act 5: 26 – 29

Food for Thought: A true disciple of Christ, in all things denies his own will, however pleasing, and does the will of God, however painful.

Introduction: Obedience is doing what God says not counting the cost or implications. It was Emmons in PowerBible Online that said, “Obedience to God is the most infallible evidence of sincere and supreme love for him.” We have so many passages in the scriptures of men and women that were courageous in obeying God. Abraham (Genesis 22:1 – 3), Daniel and 3 Hebrew friends, Mary, mother of Jesus and the Apostles as we have in Acts 5:17 – 32 as examples.

Development: In our text is a challenging story for Christians of today. Since I became a Christian, I have never seen Christians as fearful as what we have in this decade. I always wonder where we have kept Christ our Saviour. The Apostles were remanded in prison for preaching and doing miracles in the name of Jesus. But an angel of God opened the prison and brought them out with the command to go back and continue preaching. They obeyed God’s instruction through the angel and went back to preach. If it were you and I of this generation, we will not go back again. These Apostles knew there was danger in facing the Chief priest and Sadducees that crucified Jesus Christ. If they could arrest and crucified Jesus, their case would have been a small one but that didn’t deter them. We know how the story ended.

  • It takes faith to obey God courageously as we have in the case of these Apostles, Abraham, Daniel, etc. This implies that courageous obedience is the fruit of faith. If your faith is not strong you cannot obey God fully and courageously. An example of this is in payment of tithe. If you don’t have faith, you won’t believe that your salary will be enough for you and your family for the month.
  • Courageous obedience goes with conflicts, trials and temptations. We know the case of Job that it was his resolve to obey God that made Satan to afflict him with sickness. We know what the resolve of Meshach, Shadrach and Abednego led to. What of Daniel, Jeremiah and others? That we have conflicts, temptations and trials going with courageous obedience doesn’t mean that we should be scare of obeying God.
  • Courageous obedience attracts God’s intervention and blessings. We saw it in the case of Abraham, Jeremiah, Daniel, Meshach, Shadrach and Abednego, and the Apostles. In the case of Abraham, God said, “By myself I have sworn, says the Lord, because you have done this thing, and have not withheld your son, your only son – blessing I will bless you, and multiplying I will multiply your descendants as the stars of the heaven and as the sand which is on the seashore; and your descendants shall possess the gate of their enemies. In your seed all the nations of the earth shall be blessed, because you have obeyed my voice.” Note also the aftermath of the deliverance of Daniel from Lion’s den, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego from the burning furnace. God does not only intervene, He also blesses us when we obey Him courageously.

Application: Beloved, obedience to God is a command. Seneca Snr says, “We are born subjects and to obey God is perfect liberty. He that does this shall be free, safe and happy.” You can only find peace and be at liberty when you courageously obey and serve God. It is also a way to reach our desired goals in life. Today, many people are living in fear and can notice that in their prayers which are targeted against the enemies instead of asking for the blessings of God. Look at the example of the apostles! They didn’t begin to bind the powers of Chief Priest and Sadducees rather they asked for more boldness to preach the gospel.

Conclusion: Fear is evidence of love for the things of the world while courageous obedience is an evidence of a crucified life. Have you been crucified with Christ? If yes, continue to live for him without counting the cost or implications. If not, know that you are in danger and needs repentance. Today, as you accept Jesus into your life as Lord and Saviour, He will grant you the courage to live for Him and to obey Him.

Let us pray: Thank God for His word. If you are here and you haven’t made Jesus your Lord and Saviour, pray and ask God to forgive you, accept Him into your life and ask Him to grant you the grace to live for and obey Him courageously henceforth. If you have been obeying God, ask for grace to continue to obey Him.


Lord God, I come to you this day. I have been living in sin but your word has touched my heart. I repent of my sin. I acknowledge that I am responsible for my sinfulness. Have mercy upon me and forgive all my sins. Today, I accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour. Lord Jesus Christ, forgive my sins and blot out my name from the book of death and write my name in the life. Grant me the grace I need to live for you especially the grace to obey courageously. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour. Amen.

You can reach me for counseling and prayers on this place or write to me on and I will arrange a chat with you. God bless you and have a great week.